The Buried Giant: Kazuo Ishiguro

JILL SAID, “I FINISHED IT, BUT I’M still not sure what it’s about. I mean, I know what happens. But I have this niggling feeling there’s a dimension that’s eluding me.”

I said, “Isn’t it just about memory? About the costs and convenience of forgetting?”

“Maybe,” said Jill. “But maybe not.”

Reading THE BURIED GIANT, Ishiguro.BG.jacketthe latest novel by Kazua Ishiguro (author of NEVER LET ME GO and Booker Prize-winning THE REMAINS OF THE DAY), I felt I was underwater, watching shadows waver back and forth on the surface above me. Bits of the story expand, dreamlike, as the light of remembering plays across the long lives of its main characters, aging husband and wife Axl and Beatrice—illuminating a corner of the legendary Matter of Britain, in the process.

Enter the dream yourself, or listen to Ishiguro discuss THE BURIED GIANT on this Guardian Books podcast.

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