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Hello, dear writer. It’s a brave and wild undertaking, writing a book, whether you’re creating  fiction, nonfiction, or memoir. Wherever you are on your path—new or pro, stuck or just uncertain—I will meet you there. An experienced book writing coach, I’ll be your guide (your writing Sherpa?). I can help you make your book the best it can be!

What is a Writing Coach?

I’m Jamie Morris, book coach

I’ve been coaching book writers for over a decade. I consider myself among the best writing coaches in the country. But writing your book isn’t about me—it’s about you and the story you have to tell. With a little support, I know you can bring that story to life and share it proudly with the world.

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Let’s connect! Whatever your experience, I want to hear about your book and your goals for it. And you want to meet and get a feel for my style: Am I supportive? Encouraging? Knowledgeable? All this—and that undefinable quality called “chemistry”—will tell us if we’ll work well together.

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Book coaching prompts, resources, and inspiration for writers

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    As a memoir coach, I’m always on the lookout for fresh writing exercises. In particular, I love memoir writing prompts that invite us to see past experiences differently. This particular memoir exercise is a weird trip. It will turn your writing—and your insights—inside out! Called “Cut and Paste,” the exercise… Read more… 

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  • Tarot and Writing: Meet the Two of Cups, Your Writing Coach

    Tarot and writing seem a match made by the very best of old-school matchmakers! The 78 images that make up a tarot deck can inspire writers in many ways. As a writer myself, as well as in my role as a writing coach, I’ve found looking at the cards can… Read more… 

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    10 Tips for Writing a Novel Fast(er) Writing a novel is a long game, no way around it. But I’ve helped many writers get to THE END, and I know there are ways to shorten the curve. I’ve listed my favorite get-your-novel-written approaches below. From first concept to first draft,… Read more… 

Elizabeth Sims Writer

Jamie Morris is an outstanding resource for writers who want to reach the pinnacle of success. She’s a warm, encouraging angel on your shoulder, but she’s also got the skills, experience, and good judgment to help you vanquish your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. If you’re a writer with serious ambitions, work with Jamie. Elizabeth Sims, YOU’VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams (Writers Digest)

Hey, J. Just wanted to say “THANKS!” for the coaching session today. It was

Ryan Van Cleeve

amazingly productive. I now have actionable clarity for revising one novel that’s been giving me grief, and finishing another that had stalled in the middle. Pretty good work for one hour, no? Ryan G. Van Cleave, Head of Creative Writing, Ringling College of Art and Design; author of THE WEEKEND BOOK PROPOSAL (Writers Digest) and MEMOIR WRITING FOR DUMMIES (John Wiley & Sons)


For decades, writing was a comfort, and when life was turbulent an anchor to help steady my boat. In my fifties, however, it dawned on me that I actually wanted to become a writer. A really good writer, if that was possible. I read an article in THE NEW YORK TIMES extolling the virtues of writing coaches and how, if you were lucky enough to find a good one, you might very well become a good writer. And so I found Jamie Morris. Fast forward five years and a few books’ worth of short stories, and I believe I have become a much better writer. I could wax poetic about Jamie’s coaching genius, but I won’t. It would spoil the fun. Instead, I’ll let you discover Jamie Morris for yourself—this writer’s best-kept secret. Hugh Holborn, The After-Fifty Adventureman

Whether you are struggling to finish a manuscript, ready for a developmental editor,

Writing Coaching Testimonials Tarot Diva

or simply need someone who understands you, Jamie Morris is incredible. She maps out action plans, gives firm yet reasonable goals, and takes the terror and mystery out of the writing process so you can get to the work at hand. Do yourself and your writing life a favor. Hire her immediately. She’s the best investment you’ll ever make! Sasha Graham, TAROT DIVA (Llewellyn)

Jamie Morris is a true genius at her craft. She’s intelligent and thoughtful, with bone-deep wisdom about how to make a story. It took me fifteen years to get serious about this book, and I swear on my stack of all-time-favorites that I was waiting to find Jamie. She’s the creative midwife of my dreams! —Heather Rosser

Still absorbing the awesomeness with Jamie Morris!

Writing Coach Testimonial A.K. Hicks

We nailed it! Amazing brains clicking together, and I now have a solid first act, broken down scene by scene. So many thanks for your dedication and willingness to stick it out, Jamie! Anne Hawkinson, author, THE MYSTERY AT MOZ HOLLOW; co-author, SCOTLAND’S KNIGHT, Royal Palm Literary Award winner

The foundation you have helped me set will help me to write many books with audacity and finesse—a great combo to have. They don’t call you the guru of writing for nothing. Dr. Simi Ahuja

Writing Coach Testimonial Cara Gubbins, PhD

Jamie: I am so freaking in love with you, this process, and my book! People dread asking me how I am because I tell them in nauseating detail how much I love my book and my writing coach! I feel like I won the lottery! Cara Gubbins, PhD, THE DOLPHINS OF HILTON HEAD (University of South Carolina Press); DIVINE BEINGS: The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. There’s been 65K words of what I now know is backstory sitting in a file on my computer for over a year. It seemed more a journal than the memoir I was aiming for. Would anyone want to read what I’d written? Does my story really have what it takes to touch hearts? If so, how can I make it most effective?

The answer to all those questions showed up in my inbox one morning, in the form of a magazine article on writing coaches. Jamie was the featured coach. Within an hour of reading the article, Jamie and I were on the phone. I knew before I’d hung up—she’s the answer to my questions.

Book Coach Testimonial

Although I’m otherwise a stranger to her, Jamie has an innate sense of where more is lurking in my memories that will add depth to the story. She’s a great listener and gives exceptional feedback that has enabled me to believe I am a writer. The woman is a genius. I didn’t know a “low point” from a “climax,” and now I’m researching agents. I cannot recommend Jamie enough. —Terrie Reynolds

Megan Cooke Jamie Morris Writing Coach Testimonial

Jamie, I just wanted to thank you for all of your time and mental energy. I felt strange about this story for the longest time. I think it was an awful mess, partly due to how I was holding it at arm’s length and trying to think about some vague idea of what Young Adult books should be. Once you told me to pay attention to the emotional beats, it got SO, so much better.

You are such a great writing coach. I’m incredibly grateful and just stunned at how much ground you covered. Oh, my gosh—I learned a ton from every session! Thank you so much. —Megan Cooke, writer, videographer; graduate, Ringling College of Art and Design Creative Writing Program

Jamie, thanks for the session Friday morning. It was helpful on so many levels. You are someone to treasure, for sure. I’m so glad you are part of my team. All my interactions with you make me—and my world—saner, happier, more optimistic. Beth Lambdin, author of LOVE YOU, SWEETIE

Alina Smith Writing Coach Testimonial

Jamie Morris is such a fantastic coach! Her approach is very intuitive, so no matter what I’m working on, from plotting to character development, Jamie always has an intelligent, unique perspective to present. If you’d like to take your writing to another level, I strongly recommend Jamie! Alina Smith, songwriter, music producer, at LYRE

Jamie! You’re so wonderful!

Your Life Is Medicine Book Coach Testimonial

Our time together is so magical. Thank you for reigniting my passion and gifting me focus and insights. I’m thrilled about the new direction for my book. So profoundly grateful for you and the forces that guided us together for this. Kristen Schneider, author, YOUR LIFE IS MEDICINE

Writing Coach Testimonial

Jamie, I do believe you are this story’s fairy godmother. You are not only making sense of what’s already been done, but giving a new perspective on what is yet to be. Big Shared World is better thanks to your involvement. I am better because of you. Wow! Colleen Waterston, BigSharedWorld.com

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