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A writing coach is a literary fairy godmother. She can charm your plot or transform your writing practice! I’ve earned my wand—as a novel-writing coach, memoir coach, short story, nonfiction, and essay-writing coach—helping castlesful of writers abracadabra great ideas into golden sheaves of pages. And I can help you, too.

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Book Editing

A developmental editor helps writers hone their work-in-progress. For voice, heart, vision, yes!—and for style, organization, and clarity, too. Have a draft of a memoir or novel? I’ll blaze a trail and return with a detailed map of the road your manuscript needs to travel. My feedback can pave the way toward your publishing goals.

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I’m Jamie

From the moment I led my first writers’ group, I’ve been on a mission—to help other writers make their mark. Since then, I’ve worked with authors in many genres. And what have I learned? Well, I’ve cross-stitched myself a little sampler that says it all. Whether you’re a first-time writer or a pro: Your success is my success!

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Writing prompts, resources & inspiration

  • Meet-Cute: A Rom-Com Writing Prompt

    TAROT’S TWO OF CUPS can speak of early attraction—eyes meeting across a crowded dance floor, the meet-cute of romantic comedy fame, or the moment when the warm comfort of a friendship flares up into sudden passion. Tarot writing prompt Have you experienced such attraction? If so, you might want to… Read more… 

  • Hearts on Fire! A Tarot Writing Prompt

    AMONG OTHER THINGS, the ouch-y Three of Swords can speak of betrayal and the heartbreak it engenders. It can also speak of emotional overreaction! Put those together, and you get the stuff of melodrama! Tarot writing prompt Now’s your chance to write a script for a soap opera. If you’re… Read more… 

  • 3 Emergency Writing Prompts

    SOME DAYS, IT FEELS LIKE AN EMERGENCY. We want to write, but don’t have anything to write about. Be prepared for such a dire situation. Paint these three mini-prompts fire-alarm red and stick them to your wall so you’ll have them on hand … in case of emergency. 1) I… Read more… 

  • Walk Like a Writer

    ARGH!! I’M STUCK! I’ve written myself into a corner and can’t find my way out. While I stare at the screen, hoping the right words will magically appear, I feel an inner nudge. It’s my smarter self trying to get my attention. She’s thinks I should power down my computer,… Read more… 

  • The Waiting Game: A Tarot Writing Prompt

    IN THIS IMAGE, a young man rests on his hoe and gazes at the not-quite-ripe coin fruit he’s been tending. Clearly, he can’t make it grow any quicker—but he doesn’t seem perturbed. In fact, his patience is a trait many urban-dwelling, multi-tasking, traffic-jamming folks might benefit from emulating! But that… Read more… 

  • Lucky Number 7: Seven Flash Fiction Contests for Fall!

    FLASH FICTION IS FUN! Requiring the snap of poetry and the arc of narrative, it challenges us to home in on elements of voice and story that will benefit even longer-form writers’ work. To learn a bit more about flash fiction, check out my Writing Short post, where you’ll find… Read more… 

  • Making Stone Soup from Words and Breadcrumbs: A Writing Prompt

    AS A CHILD READER, I hungered for the dishes fictional characters devoured. British kids in Noel Streatfeild’s SHOES books breakfasted on “fry ups” of sausage, eggs, sliced bread, and kippers, while Hansel and Gretel feasted famously on marzipan windows and cookie-dough sills. Back then, fairy godmothers impressed me less than… Read more… 

  • Self-Inspiration: An Archeological Dig Into Your Own Writing

    NOTICING WHAT’S MISSING in a piece of writing is a bit of a parlor trick—but one that comes in very handy! This exercise will show you how to apply this trick to a piece of your own, whether you’re in the parlor or at your desk. DIG HERE Today, dig… Read more… 

  • Dueling Pens: Writing Together

    MONA AND I WRITE TOGETHER EVERY FEW WEEKS. Well. “Together.” Since she lives in Colorado and I’m in Florida, we meet by phone, pulling prompts from our back pockets and slinging them down the phone line like challenges, then setting a timer, and writing as fast as we can. Generally,… Read more… 

  • 7-Minute Autobiography: A Memoir-Writing Prompt

    FOR YEARS, I BEGAN EACH NEW WORKSHOP with this exercise from WRITING ALONE AND WITH OTHERS. It’s a great way to get to know other people in a group—and also a great way to get to know yourself, so I’ve adapted it here for your personal-writing use. Memoir-writing prompt Set… Read more… 

  • Besting the Beast: A Tarot Writing Prompt

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: SWEET AS THIS SCENE may appear, that lion has teeth. And claws. And a ravenous hunger! Oh, my! Most days, we could catch sight of him happily slurping the blood of his prey. But not today. Because, with kindness, skill, and patience, this character has tamed the… Read more… 

  • Writing Comes from Writing (Thanks, Bruce!)

    POET AND CREATIVE WRITING PROFESSOR BRUCE AUFHAMMER introduced me to this basic operating principle: Writing comes from writing, not from inspiration. Now a teacher myself, I sometimes hear people say they aren’t writing because they’re uninspired. But inspiration is a fickle mistress! For just one month, rather than awaiting any… Read more… 

  • A Short (Enough) Story with a Literary Moral (and Horses)

    ONCE, AT A HORSE SHOW, I watched a pair of judges assess the relative merits of a ring full of huge, glossy Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, and other warm-blood hunter-types in a conformation class. Unlike most skill-based horse-show events, conformation ribbons are awarded to those animals who best meet the standards… Read more… 

  • 10 Great Tips for Capturing Literary Agent Interest!

    YOUR MANUSCRIPT IS AWESOME! You’ve had it critiqued and beta-read—and you’ve revised, revised, revised! But if you’re not getting the interest from agents you feel your book deserves, check out the resources below. May you discover the golden key to your success amidst these pages and pixels! * * *… Read more… 

  • Look Again! A (Tarot-Inspired) Writing Prompt

    I’VE LOOKED AT THIS CARD SO MANY TIMES. Is there anything I haven’t seen? There’s the lyre embroidered on the patriarch’s cloak; the heraldry on the archway; the shy little kid, who will barely remember her grandfather when she’s grown; the gray pups, grateful for their master’s notice; the graceful… Read more… 

  • What Feeds Your Fire?

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT FEEDS YOUR CREATIVE FIRE? While it might be as plain (or as stunningly gorgeous) as the nose on your face, sometimes it takes a mirror for us to see exactly what helps us thrive as writers, as artists, as creative participants in our lives. MIRROR MIRROR: I’m… Read more… 

  • Walk a Mile in Your Antagonist’s Shoes: A Writing Prompt

    UPSIDE DOWN, BOY YOU TURN ME . . . My puss Bert flips upside down to survey his kingdom. Sometimes, from his inverted perspective, he spots a faux mouse not visible from right-side up. But mostly, upside-down, Bert just watches—noticing what I, with feet firmly planted, can’t see. Role reversal… Read more… 

  • I’ve Got No Talent!

    I MET PAULA JEFFERY SEVERAL YEARS AGO in an online art group. The other day, we had a chat about how investing time (consistently) and effort (persistently) in any art form will eventually bear fruit—and she pointed me to this post, which she wrote for her own blog, but is… Read more… 

  • It’s About Time

    THE FIGURE IN RED is doling out alms, and he’s doing it judiciously, measuring out equal amounts to each of the recipients. He’s also holding enough aside for his own needs. His scales help him keep his giving in balance. As writers, we could do with a pair of scales.… Read more… 

  • A Tarot Writing Prompt Without the Prompt (Sorry!)

    I’M WRITING A BOOK that includes tarot writing prompts (out next year—stay tuned!). In the process, I’ve roped twenty-one writer friends into guinea-pigging some of the prompts. Which led me to BFF Jill’s kitchen table last night, where we each took a running leap at the Ace of Pentacles. While… Read more… 

Jamie Morris is an outstanding resource for writers who want to reach the pinnacle of success. She’s a warm, encouraging angel on your shoulder, but she’s also got the skills, experience, and good judgment to help you vanquish your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. If you’re a writer with serious ambitions, work with Jamie. Elizabeth SimsYOU’VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams (Writers Digest)

Hey, J. Just wanted to say “THANKS!” for the coaching session today. It was amazingly productive. I now have actionable clarity for revising one novel that’s been giving me grief, and finishing another that had stalled in the middle. Pretty good work for one hour, no? Ryan G. Van Cleave, Creative Writing BFA Coordinator, Ringling College of Art and Design; author of THE WEEKEND BOOK PROPOSAL (Writers Digest); MEMOIR WRITING FOR DUMMIES (John Wiley & Sons); BEHIND THE SHORT STORY, with Todd James Pierce (Longman)

Jamie Morris is a true genius at her craft. She’s intelligent and thoughtful, with bone-deep wisdom about how to make a story. And if that wasn’t enough, she’s astoundingly intuitive and masterly about guiding me out of murky waters and into alignment with the story that lies in wait. It took me fifteen years to get serious about this book, and I swear on my stack of all-time-favorites that I was waiting to find Jamie. She’s the creative midwife of my dreams! —Heather Rosser

Jamie, I think hiring you is the single most important gift I’ve given my writing life in years. —Tia Levings, Think It, Write It, Film It, Make It, Do It

Jamie was able to find a glimmer of me that was buried underneath years of intellectual learning. Every time I spoke in public, I told jokes, shared openly and easily; every time I sat at my computer, I started writing term papers, reports, facts. I was so bogged down in proving myself as an intellectual person I couldn’t write freely! Jamie helped me find my natural writing voice. She made little notes: “This sounds like Wah!” And “Good voice!” It made all the difference. My project was an awakening—of wisdom and writing style. Jamie Morris helped me take my project from “boring, way too much information” to “interesting, refreshing, fun.” Wah!, HEALING: A Vibrational Exchange (Wah! Music)

The writer’s struggle is a painful one. Enter guardian angel and author spirit guide, Jamie Morris. Whether you are struggling to finish a manuscript, ready for a developmental editor, or simply need someone who understands you, Jamie Morris is incredible. She maps out action plans, gives firm yet reasonable goals, and takes the terror and mystery out of the writing process so you can get to the work at hand. Do yourself and your writing life a favor. Hire her immediately. She’s the best investment you’ll ever make! Sasha Graham, TAROT DIVA (Llewellyn), 365 TAROT SPREADS (Llewellyn), 365 TAROT SPELLS, (Llewellyn), TAROT OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE (Lo Scarabeo), TAROT FUNDAMENTALS (Lo Scarabeo)

Jamie: I am so freaking in love with you, this process, and my book! People dread asking me how I am because I tell them in nauseating detail how much I love my book and my writing coach and what we are up to! I feel like I won the lottery! Cara Gubbins, PhD, THE DOLPHINS OF HILTON HEAD (University of South Carolina Press); EVERYDAY WOMEN CREATING EXTRAORDINARY LIVES (JADA Press)

Jamie has been a freelance editor for Blue Angel Publishing since 2015. She has proven to be very reliable and professional—an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is very thorough, with a keen eye for detail, and is 100% committed to fulfilling the specific requirements for each job to our satisfaction and that of our authors, whose work she edits. She’s open and responsive to feedback, and consistently completes jobs within the agreed time frame. We recommend her editing services. Tanya Graham, author, editor, Blue Angel Publishing

Jamie, thanks for all your notes and for the session Friday morning. It was all very helpful on so many levels. You are someone to treasure, for sure. I’m so glad you are part of my team. All my interactions with you make me, and thus my corner of the world, a saner, happier, more optimistic place. Beth Lambdin, blogger, essayist, film reviewer

Jamie, thank you so much for all your love, encouragement, and expertise this morning! I’m very excited to just write the way I did when I was a kid, to just have fun and roll with my instincts. Truly, I’m always in awe of how insightful you are as a coach, not just to writing but to the human heart. Alina Smith, songwriter, music producer, at LYRE

Jamie! You’re so wonderful! Our time together is so magical. Thank you for reigniting my passion and gifting me focus and insights. I’m thrilled about the new direction for my book. You’re all things goodness. So profoundly grateful for you and the forces that guided us together for this. Kristen Schneider, founder, Wellblends; author, YOUR LIFE IS MEDICINE: Ayurveda for Yogis

Jamie, you are so special to me and the most amazing person to come across my path at this particular time. It feels like a spiritual connection, and I do believe you are this story’s fairy godmother, as you are not only making sense of what’s already been done, but giving a new perspective on what is yet to be. Big Shared World is already better thanks to your involvement. I am better because of you. Wow! Colleen Waterston, BigSharedWorld.com

Jamie! You have a great eye. It was awesome how you and I were able to work intuitively together. You are right—all of those details do truly matter! Rebecca Schoenecker, creator of CREATURES OF THE MOON ORACLE DECK

Jamie, I owe you ten bucks, but I really owe you so much more! You’ve pushed me to uncover truth in my writing. I’ve learned so much about writing, so much about myself. Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to more. —Liz Rash, memoirist

Get your happy dance on, Jamie! I got an agent!!! I’m so excited. Get ready to grace my acknowledgement page!!! You were so integral in helping me with my character arcs in FORETOLD—and with the underlying theme! Our ideas totally merged, and magic happened! —Melissa Abrehamsen, FORETOLD (represented by Siobhan McBride of Serendipity Literary Agency)

Running a soul-centered business doesn’t come easy. Unless you have Jamie Morris at your side. Her coaching is soul-to-soul. She offers resources and stories to help navigate one’s journey. Jamie’s enthusiasm and spot-on intuition enhance her talents as a writer and editor. She’s a natural cheerleader of bloggers and businesses, and a magician who performs stellar work on any written endeavor. Tabitha Dial, MFA, author, poet; Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings by Tabitha

I must report on the truly remarkable day that Jamie Morris created for LifeArt Studio, called “Your Creativity is in the Cards.” I’m tellin’ you, it was A-MAZING. Guided by Tarot expert and workshop leader, the inimitable Jamie, we each created something new, a result of the encouraging and provocative prompts she gave us. If you missed the experience with Jamie Morris, I’m really sorry. I so wish I could give that experience to all LifeArt followers. —Lezlie Laws, LifeArt Studio

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