Writing Prompt: Walk, Write

JOAN MANSSON AND HER PUP TOOK A WALK THIS QUIET MORNING. I want to share this with someone, she writes. child-walking-dogThe morning is oddly silent. We walked at 6:30. The clouds were like smoke, huge, but not even as fully formed as the steam vapor over the Hatch Nuclear Plant. No stars were visible. And no moon. But more than that it was silent. The birds hadn’t wakened yet, and the frogs were asleep. I felt as if I were stepping into another reality. Even Renard was quiet. He didn’t even protest when I picked him up and carried him in to avoid [neighbor dog] Jake, who noticed us, but didn’t seem interested. Now, it’s a quarter of 7:00 and still so quiet. Eerie and pleasant. I need to fix my puppy’s breakfast and make some of my own.

Writing Prompt

Go ahead. Walk out your front door. Then report back. In writing.

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