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BOOK WRITERS—novelists, memoirists, nonfiction writers–all benefit from a special kind of support: Patience, humor, an open mind, and a steady hand help a writer set their book’s roots and get growing. Wherever you find yourself today, I can help make your writing journey easier (and a lot more fun!).

Together, we’ll solve the problems that may have halted you in your book writing tracks. 

  • Baffled about point of view, plot, or theme? Together, we’ll make powerful narrative choices that will propel your story forward—and keep readers on the edge of their seats!
  • Wondering how to organize your nonfiction ideas for best effect? We’ll explore options and choose the structure that’s most compelling.
  • Simply need support getting words on the page consistently? You’re not alone! We’ll create strategies to keep you going strong—all the way to “THE END”!

While our work together will be unique (because you’re unique), generally, you’ll send materials regularly, and we’ll meet by phone or video to dive into what you’ve shared. (Our calls will be deep—and really exciting, too!) At the end of each call, we’ll plan your next best steps—always moving your book forward toward your publishing goals.

The reliable care and feeding provided by my writing coaching is like Miracle-Gro for your budding book. Expect to see significant, healthy growth from session to session.

Writing coaching rates: 5 options


Every week, I talk with talented emerging writers who are looking for answers, but who aren’t necessarily ready to dive into a full-fledged writing-coaching relationship. If you’re asking

  • whether self-publishing or traditional publishing is a better path for you,
  • or how to hone your craft without breaking your budget,
  • or what to look for in an editor, 
  • or, simply, what do I do next?!

I’ve created this one-time, mini-consulting session just for you!

During our session, I’ll put my many years of experience in the writing industry—as well as my connections with publishers, authors, editors, and agents—to work for you. During our call, we’ll explore your most pressing writing concerns. I’ll help you prioritize next steps, create a road map toward your literary destination, and provide resources that will guide you on your way.

Writers face myriad questions at every turn. While not every writer needs a writing coach, now and then, most us can benefit from a professional’s hard-won knowledge. If you’re ready for answers, I’d love to offer my professional insights to help you along your writing road.

$150: Your Writer’s Advisory is a one-time, 45-minute phone meeting. To prepare, you’ll email me a list of your ten most important questions and concerns ahead of our meeting.


This stand-alone writing consultation for new clients will allow us to get to know one another—while we address some literary issues. For instance, we might locate an obstacle to your writing practice or resolve an issue of plot, voice, or structure.

Whatever the focus of our attention, once I’ve reviewed your work, we’ll have a deep-dive writing conversation—in which we’re sure to discover a golden key to unblock your writing path.

At the same time, you’ll get a feel for my style: Am I supportive and encouraging? Am I knowledgeable? Do you find me generous with my insights, right from the get-go? All of this—and that undefinable quality called “chemistry”—will let us know if we might continue to work well together.

If it’s feeling right (yay!), at the end of our Discovery Session, we’ll decide what’s next. We might agree to start by developing a solid outline for your book. If you already have an outline? We’ll launch a draft. Have a draft? Let’s talk revision!

$250: Your Discovery Session includes my review of ten pages of your work + a one-hour in-depth phone or video meeting.


There’s a lot of novel writing advice out there. But here’s the truth: Your plot is the single most important element of your novel—or, surprisingly, of your memoir! So, how do you crack the plot code? How do you keep your reader riveted to the pages you’ve worked so hard to write?

It’s not magic (though, when it’s working, it sure feels like magic). Instead, a well-wrought plot systematically applies universal story principles to your specific character, situation, and concept.

The easiest, most effective way I’ve found to apply those principles is the Plot Clock. It’s simple. Profound. Story-changing. Tell your characters to buckle up. The Plot Clock Consultation is a wild ride.

$450: Your Plot Clock Consultation is an opportunity for you to get to know me and the Plot Clock—while we solve some of your trickiest plot issues! It includes my review of your synopsis, outline, character list, and plot questions + a two-hour in-depth phone or video meeting.


Your first 50 pages can make or break an agent’s interest. Those same pages can also tell your writing coach how you can improve your book’s chances in the marketplace!

So, if you’ve got a solid start on your book, let’s begin with your first 50 pages. After I read your pages closely—considering your outline and synopsis, too—we’ll settle in for a powerful, collaborative conversation that will lead to impactful insights! We might discuss

  • style, tone, and theme
  • plot, pacing, and structure
  • character development and point of view,
  • and audience and genre.

From this discussion, you can create a road map to either a solid first draft or a significantly strengthened revision.

$750: Your First-50-Page Review (average 250 words per page), includes our dynamic, substantive two-hour phone or video call based on my assessment of your first 50 pages, synopsis, character list, and your most pressing questions and concerns.


Over the course of eight sessions, if you’re a novelist, we might clarify point of view, advance your plot, and make certain your main character is fulfilling their arc. If you’re writing a memoir, we’ll find the shape and voice that best convey your story. Developing a nonfiction concept? Then outline is king—and tone and audience are a pair of queens!

I call Jamie Morris the master of plotting. Writing a book is like engineering: it’s all about creating the structure, then building on that. Jamie helped me go from initial concept to well-fleshed-out plot. The outline we developed formed the foundation of every chapter of my book. Plotting and outlining are key, and Jamie is your guru. Maria Vogt, thriller writer

We might be raising stakes in your novel, adding interest and clarity to your nonfiction book, or increasing opportunities for readers to invest in your memoir. And always we’ll be honing your writing style so it’s the sharpest tool in your writing kit. This package allows us to collaborate at deep and meaningful levels as we evolve your book toward its best self.

$2750: Your Eight-Session Package includes my regular review of your work in progresseight in-depth phone or video meetings + office hours access + next-steps consultation.

Raves for writing coaching

Elizabeth Sims Writing Coach Testimonial

Jamie Morris is an outstanding resource for writers who want to reach the pinnacle of success. She’s a warm, encouraging angel on your shoulder, but she’s also got the skills, experience, and good judgment to help you vanquish your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. If you’re a writer with serious ambitions, work with Jamie. Elizabeth Sims, YOU’VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU (Writers Digest)

Tia Writing Coach Testimonial

Jamie, I think hiring you is the single most important gift I’ve given my writing life in years. Your guidance has led me to completed manuscripts, better story structure, and increased confidence as a writer. You’re a genius, and you help me feel like one, too. Thank you!Tia Levings, co-author of PLOTTING YOUR NOVEL WITH THE PLOT CLOCK and author of A WELL-TRAINED WIFE: My Escape from Christian Patriarchy (St. Martin’s, winter 2024)


Memoir Writing for Dummies Testimonial

I’ve been teaching writing for twenty years, and I’ve been a writing coach for nearly as long. But I recently invested in five sessions with Florida writing guru Jamie Morris. Her fresh eyes on my work was exactly what I needed. Ryan G. Van Cleave, author THE WEEKEND BOOK PROPOSAL (Writers Digest) and MEMOIR WRITING FOR DUMMIES (Wiley)

Colleen Writing Coach Testimonial

Jamie, I believe you are this story’s fairy godmother. You are making sense of what’s already been done and giving a new perspective on what is yet to be. Big Shared World is better thanks to you! Colleen Waterston, BigSharedWorld.com

Anne Hawkinson Writing Coaching Testimonial

Jamie! Still absorbing the awesomeness! Amazing brains clicking together. I now have a solid first act, broken down scene by scene. So many thanks! Anne Hawkinson, author, THE MYSTERY AT MOZ HOLLOW; co-author, SCOTLAND’S KNIGHT; Royal Palm Literary Award winner

Joyce Sweeney Writing Coach Testimonial for Jamie Morris

Jamie is one of the most insightful readers I’ve ever worked with. She not only sees the bigger picture of a manuscript, she sees the deeper picture. —Joyce Sweeney, literary agent and author of CENTER LINE (Delacorte Press)

A Work of Art Author Writing Coach Testimonial

Jamie, thank you for the knowledge you bestowed on me during my first draft. The manuscript that sold reflects your amazing instincts. —Melody Maysonet, author of Eric Hoffer Award-winning A WORK OF ART (Merit Press

Dana Summers

Jamie, DRAWN AND BURIED won a Freddie Award. You were instrumental in getting it into shape. Thanks! Dana Summers, author of DRAWN AND BURIED, THE DARK AND THE DEAD, and DOWNHILL FAST

Julie Compton Author

Many, many thanks to Jamie Morris. She’s a master at getting to the heart of a story. I was fortunate to have her at my side from the beginning on this one. —Julie Compton, acknowledgements, RESCUING OLIVIA (Macmillan)

Patrick Matthews Writing Coach Testimonial

[Jamie is] an insightful coach. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting out, I can’t recommend Jamie Morris highly enough. Patrick Matthews, DRAGON RUN (Scholastic); columnist, DADDY TALES; publisher and editor, GAMES FOR EDUCATORS

Jamie has the ability to cut directly to the core of your writing issues and offer kind, constructive, and EFFECTIVE suggestions for how to proceed at a higher level. Wherever there’s a block, weakness, or inefficiency—be it practical, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise—she’ll help you unearth it and move forward. She’s a keeper! Tierney Sadler, THE DECK OF 1000 SPREADS (Llewellyn)

Shout out to Jamie Morris for helping me decipher the structure of this effort. —Dr. Sharon Spano, THE PURSUIT OF TIME AND MONEY (Morgan James)

Alina Smith

Jamie Morris is a fantastic coach! No matter what I’m working on, from plotting to character development, Jamie always has an intelligent, unique perspective to present. If you’d like to take your writing to another level, I strongly recommend Jamie! Alina Smith, songwriter, music producer, at LYRE

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