A Writing Coach’s Favorite Writing Prompt: 10-Minute Sentence

Writing Prompt

THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE WRITING PROMPTS. Jot down a time of day, a color, an object, and a season. Set your timer for ten minutes and write one, fast, unbroken sentence. (Hello, FANBOYS!) Let your pen (or keyboard) become a runaway pony. Hang on and enjoy the ride!


I’m sitting at my desk, at 12:29, and didn’t even notice midnight tick by, but it did, and 1 a.m. will probably do the same, as I love the quiet in the middle of the night, and, to tell the truth, I’m feeling a little blue, so the clickety-clack of my keyboard, which makes me feel productive, also insulates me from my own morbidity, as if, when I’m typing, there’s less f30a5d15bf30e977cb92e1d1b4aa68b7chance for the sadness that leaks in under the baseboards to crawl up my legs, scramble into my lap, and warm itself against the winter chill, which, as this is Florida, is nowise comparable to those winters in Massachusetts, blue twilight at 4 p.m., me treading the icy sidewalk up and over the Mass. Turnpike and onto wide, residential Washington Street, its houses lit warm and yellow and suggestive of hot dinners and families gathered, watching the evening news, while I trudge past, as if I were The Little Match Girl.

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