Mark Winton, CJL and Plot-Clocker!

HERE’S THE SKINNY ON THE PLOT CLOCK: It’s a four-act “map” of a story, which can describe both the experiences a character is likely to undergo and her likely responses to those experiences. That’s it, in a nutshell. But time and time again, people’s applications of the Plot Clock have surprised and impressed me.

This was the case with Dr. Mark Winton, Criminal Justice Lecturer at UCF, who wrote, after a recent Plot Clock presentation, Thank you for the fascinating workshop. I was not familiar with the Plot Clock, but it made complete sense when I started thinking about an academic piece I am working on, where I trace the lives of two genocidal perpetrators and what led to their outcomes. It is really a useful model in studying how people become criminals.

Wow! Right?

To learn more about Dr. Winton’s work, visit his YouTube channel, Understanding Violence, where he discusses, among other topics, serial murder, sex crimes, and profiling.

Want to know more about the Plot Clock? We wrote the book on it! Check out PLOTTING YOUR NOVEL WITH THE PLOT CLOCK on Amazon.

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