Three Benefits of a Creative Writing Coach

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What is creative writing and how can a creative writing coach help? When we say, “creative writing,” we’re actually talking about two things: primarily imaginative writing and creatively developed factual writing. The more imaginative types of writing include short stories, novels, and poetry, for example. In these forms of writing, we make up events and images almost entirely from our inner inspiration. We might use elements like imagery, metaphor, and evocative language to get our vision on the page. But writers of nonfiction projects—like memoirs, personal essays, or literary journalism—often rely on many of the same techniques. Adding our own style to our writing makes our work unique and engaging to read, whether what we are writing about is purely imaginative or completely factual.

But using our creativity to write in ways that are personal to us can be an unexpected challenge. While you may think most writers are just born with the ability to spin stories that captivate readers or use language in beautiful and moving ways, most of us need support to develop writing skills like these. That’s where a creative writing coach can come in.

Jamie Morris Writing CoachWhy a writing coach? A professional writing coach—especially a creative writing coach—works with writers (like you?) who want to find ways to add depth, power, and interest to their writing.

Whether you’re an experienced writer looking to take your work to the next level by developing your voice or are a novice writer trying to find the shape of a story, working with a writing coach can unlock your full potential as a writer.

As a creative writing coach, I help writers working on many types of creative writing projects. Among them, I am a

Although there are many reasons to work with a writing coach, here are three top benefits:

1. Personalized guidance and feedback on your writing project

A creative writing coach will provide you with one-on-one guidance and feedback tailored to your individual needs and goals. Whether you’re struggling with plot development, character building, or simply trying to figure out the best way to get your book or essay started, a writing coach can offer insights and techniques to help you overcome your challenges and (creatively!) improve your writing.

2. Accountability and motivation

Sometimes, writing can seem like a solitary—lonely—pursuit. A professional writing coach is a companion on this sometimes-challenging path. They can help you get unstuck and stay on track. They can also help you set realistic goals and act as your accountability partner, helping you stay motivated to achieve those goals.

3. A safe and supportive environment

Your writing coach will provide a safe space for your work to be shared. Writing, especially creative writing, can be quite a personal and vulnerable experience. Therefore, it’s important to have a safe and supportive environment in which to share your work and receive feedback. A writing coach provides a confidential and judgment-free space to explore your creativity and develop your skills.

A creative writing coach can respond to your writing with enthusiasm for what’s working and skillful strategies to help you fix what’s not.

If you need support in finding a creative writing coach, check out this article on how to find a writing coach. If you are considering hiring a writing coach, I invite you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Let’s see how I can help!

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