Jamie Morris Writing Coach Welcomes New Writers!

I’m Jamie Morris, and I’m a writing coach.

WHEN YOU VISIT MY SITE FOR THE FIRST TIME, I want you to feel welcomed. Also, because you’ve likely come to find out if a writing coach can help you achieve your writing goals, I want to introduce myself and explain the process!

About me

Jamie Morris writing coachI’m a full-time writing coach who’s been coaching writers for well over a decade. Among other writerly pursuits, I directed Central Florida’s Woodstream Writers for ten years, mentored writing consultants at the writing center at Rollins College, have taught creative writing classes and presented at numerous writing conferences, was a featured writing coach in THE WRITER magazine, and co-wrote PLOTTING YOUR NOVEL WITH THE PLOT CLOCK

And you? What are you writing?

We may not have met yet, but I bet you’ve arrived here because you’ve been researching writing coaches and book coaches because you have an idea for a book! However, you might be feeling a little stuck. Maybe you’re trying to figure out exactly what you want to say, or how to organize your thoughts, or what’s the best way to plot your story. Or maybe you just wonder how to handle such a big project with so many other demands on your time!

So, can a writing coach offer the support—accountability, know-how, strategic planning—to help you move your book ahead?

Of course I think so! But you may not be so sure! That’s why I offer a free consultation.

That (free!) initial writing consultation

I offer a free twenty-minute phone consultation—and it’s exciting for both of us! During that initial chat, I’ll want to hear all about your writing goals. (I might even give you a few pointers right away!) And, most importantly, you’ll want to get a feel for my style: Am I supportive and encouraging? Am I knowledgeable about your project? Do you find me generous with my insights, right from the get-go?

All of this—and that undefinable quality called “chemistry”—will let us know if we might work well together.

Steps for working with a writing coach

Now, truthfully, I don’t work with every writer who calls. We want to make sure we’re a good fit. So, if I think there might be a better coach out there for you, I will make a few suggestions—or even offer to introduce you to them.

If it is feeling right (yay!), we’ll decide how to begin. We might agree that developing a solid outline for your book is job one (I did co-write a book on plot, after all!). But if you already have an outline (or you’re a pantser!), we’ll create a plan to launch a draft.

Either way, our work together will be unique—because you’re unique! However, it will generally look something like this:

  • Every week or two, you’ll send me what you’re working on—an act, outline, chapter or scene, perhaps—and your current questions about it.
  • After I review your pages, we’ll meet by phone or video to dive into the material you’ve shared.
  • At the end of the call, we’ll decide on our next steps—always moving your book toward your publishing goals.

(And just so you know, our calls will be deep and engaging—and a ton of fun, too!)

First-50 page manuscript review

But what if you already have a draft? Great! Then we can start with my review of your first fifty pages. In that case, using my “literary sixth sense” and years of experience in the book world, I’ll identify the strengths of your work, as well as areas that would benefit from further attention. Among the many points I’ll consider are:

  • style and tone
  • plot and pacing
  • structure and arc
  • audience and genre
  • character and point of view

After the follow-up consultation that’s included in your review, you’ll have a bushel of fresh ideas tucked into your literary knapsack. Those ideas will guide us as I coach you through your revision.

Wondering what’s next?

From here, you might visit my rates page.
Or ask me a question.
Or book a free initial consultation!

Thank you!

I appreciate you visiting my site. If you like what you see here, let’s make a date to chat. But please know that, even if we never meet, I wish you and your book the very best!

Jamie Morris writing coach

I’d love to hear about your writing project(s). Let’s talk! And you might also like to check out Should I Hire a Writing Coach in THE WRITER magazine.

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