Be Your Own Valentine: February Writing Challenge!

TWICE A YEAR, the yoga studio where I practice offers a “yoga challenge.” The challenge invites folks to participate in 26 classes in 30 days. WHAT?!?!? No freakin’ way! I mean, I take three classes a week. Isn’t that challenge enough?!

Maybe. But it’s been cold just lately, so instead of walking a few days a week, I’ve been bundling up and catching a daily yoga class. As of this writing, I’ve taken seven classes in seven days. And, weirdly, something’s changed. For the better. I’m predictably looser, but I’m also calmer and sleeping better. And now that I’m in the habit, it doesn’t even feel like that big a deal! So, guess what? I signed up for the February challenge.

Interestingly, my newly-engaged daily writing habit has had a similarly positive effect. Since I’ve started writing just fifteen minutes each morning, I begin each day a little more centered, a little clearer—and I also find that all my other writing tasks (hello, blog post!) flow more easily, too.

So, while I don’t expect to see you flying through your sun salutations on the mat beside me this month, I do have a special challenge for your writing self: write every day from February 1st through March 1st (or any thirty-day period you choose)!

  • Maybe you could start a journaling practice, setting aside twenty minutes each day to get your thoughts and heart on the page.
  • Or perhaps you’ve been slow-walking a book-length project—memoir, how-to book, short-story collection. See this as a chance to reinvigorate that project! Take it out for lunch. Ask it how it’s doing …  Spending quality time with a project on a daily basis is a great way to remember why you started it in the first place!
  • Or it could be that your blog is languishing! When was the last time you posted something fresh? If you take this challenge, your answer could be: TODAY!

Wherever your writing life could use a boost, give it a daily dose of vitamin P (for practice) for thirty days. After all, as yoga grandfather Pattabhi Jois, says, “Practice, and all is coming.” And he’s not just talking about yoga.

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