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WHEN I STUMBLED UPON WRITER/HEALER/READER KELLY-ANN MADDOX, blogger2I was mesmerized! astonished! inspired! by the power! energy! brilliance! of her The Four Queens YouTube channel and The Four Queens blog. A qualified spiritual counselor (she’s studied! has a certificate! is not fooling around!), award-winning tarot reader, and self-love advocate, Kelly-Ann’s Etsy tag-line is, In service, with love.

Writing Prompt

In a recent blog post—so generous! so potentially life-changing!—Kelly-Ann presents: 100 Illuminating Journal Prompts: Heal, Reveal, and Get Real. Here’s #66: If you had to dedicate the next six months to only one project or goal, where would you choose to place your focus and why?

Go ahead, dig deep. Use these prompts to dive beneath the surface. Retrieve artifacts from your spirit. Dust them off. Examine them in the clear light of your own brilliant mind.

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