Darlyn Finch Kuhn: Author of Sewing Holes, a Memoir

DARLYN FINCH KUHN is a terrific poet and a generous literary communitarian. Creatrix, since 2002, of Litlando’s newsletter SCRIBBLES, Darlyn’s debut novel, SEWING HOLES, will be available from Twisted Road Publications on March, 23rd. index

SEWING HOLES tells of a girl growing up with a volatile mother, a loving but ill father, a brother who flees to evade the draft, and a foster sister consumed by waiting for her “real” parents to return. The girl survives on games she shares with father, particularly one about “sewing holes,” creating beauty out of what seems to be nothing.

Of the novel, Darlyn says, Memories are colored by perception, and the truth is pocked with holes. This is the way, after almost half a century, I’ve stitched those holes together.

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