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Cats and Writers: Purr-spective (Sorry!) of a Writing Coach

From the desk of a writing coach: What is the connection between writers and their cats?

MAYBE YOU’RE NOT A CAT LOVER. If that’s the case, you might not understand the enduring connection between cats and writers. Here are some thoughts on the matter from a professional writing coach:

  • Cats are companionable. They’ll hang around wherever you settle to write. (Sometimes, they want to sit on your keyboard. Sigh. But if you put low boxes on your desk, they’ll likely curl up there instead of on your hands.)
  • Despite the above caution, cats are relatively undemanding. Unless they’re hungry, they won’t interrupt your work—nor will they make critical comments. Pretty much, they think you and your writing are awesome.
  • Not only are they noncritical, cats are quiet. Unlike, say, dogs, cats sleep right through most anything that’s going on, inside or outside your house.
  • The only noise your companionable cat is likely to make is a soothing purr. An old wive’s tale says the purr of a cat knits broken bones.* I don’t know about that, but I do know that the sound knits my frayed nerves when a scene or paragraph is going awry! This is why I keep boxes filled with purring cats on my writing desk at all times.

This YouTube video features a cat purring for three minutes. If you don’t have cats of your own, cue it up the next time your story is going south and you want to pull your hair out by the roots! Chances are the sound of this lovely little cat will calm you—and a calm writer is one to whose mind unexpected solutions spring!

*Our old friend science is definitely pro-cat—for writers and for other folks! Recent studies have shown that purr vibrations may help heal infection, promote bone strength, and even reduce the risk of heart attack!

If you won’t take it from the mouth of the writing coach, do you need more convincing that cats are a writer’s best friend? Check out this Writers Write article: “The Relationship Between Famous Writers and Their Cats”

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