Top Writing Coach Tip #16: Holidaze vs. Words on the Page

THE HOLIDAYS ARE ALMOST UPON US! SOON, IT WILL BE impossible to make plans to do anything less holiday-esque than create papier mache T’day decorations or go Hanukkah shopping. And before we know it, our writing practices will have drowned in just a few feet of seasonal, social obligations.

Top Writing Coach Tip

To avoid a mid-January, got-no-writing-to-show-for-it hangover, we might commit to a practice that doesn’t require much time, but does offer the immense satisfaction of Having Written Something when all that tinsel and tissue paper has been tossed away.

The 99u article How I Kept a 373-Day Productivity Streak Unbroken, by Jamie Todd Rubin, sci-fi writer and columnist for THE DAILY BEAST, gives great advice on exactly how to do it!

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