Writing Prompts: Responding to Abstract Art!

AUTHOR KRIS WALDHERR POSTED A LINK to a wonderfully fresh Ploughshares article titled “Writing with Abstract Art.”  In the article, writer Anca Szilagyi discusses approachesindex to ekphrastic writing, or, writing about art, emphasizing writing to evidently non-narrative abstract art and offering four get-your-motor-running writing prompts that are a sure bet to spark some surprising work!

EKPHRASIS: a Poetry Journal, is “looking for well-crafted poems, the main content of which addresses individual works from any artistic genre.” Further, they explain, “Ekphrastic verse transcends mere description: it stands as a transformative critical statement, an original gloss on the individual art piece it addresses.”

Writing Prompt

Check it out! Give it a go! Might be a market for your mini-masterpiece!

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