Writing Prompt: Create Quirky Sentences

Writing Prompt

HERE’S A SYNTAX STRETCHER of a writing prompt! Jot down ten random letters of the alphabet, without repeating any of them. Now, write a dozen sentences built of words beginning with those letters, in the order you chose them.

full-alphabet-for-style-sheet1So, A X G K P S N J W D. (Really? I gave myself “X”?)

Alligators x-ray geese, killing patient-seeming noggins just when done. (Hmm. Not as awesome as I’d hoped.)

Average x-ray-ers (Hey! Have you got a better “X” word?) go kaput periodically, so, now, just walk delicately.

Ancestors’ xaphoons (Look it up!) give keening, piping sounds, not jiggly, weird droning.

Antiquated, xenaphobic guys (Sorry!) keep persisting in silly, nonsensical, juvenile woman-demeaning.

Averting xanthophobia, Gary’s kangaroo played solemnly ‘neath (???) jangly windchimes, dreaming. (Someone may be hallucinating. Gary? His kangaroo? We’ll never know.)

Why do this? Why not? Writing is supposed to be fun. Isn’t it?

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