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Read rave reviews and testimonials from clients who have used Jamie Morris as their professional writing coach

 Jamie’s guidance provides fuel to keep my writing moving forward. Whether I’m just beginning a new project, trying to dig my way out of a messy middle, or adding the finishing touches, her input has been invaluable. She has a unique talent—almost a sixth sense, really—that enables her to immediately understand the heart of a piece and respond with constructive, motivational critique. —Julie Compton, author of TELL NO LIES and RESCUING OLIVIA (Macmillan), and the TNL sequel, KEEP NO SECRETS (Fresh Fork)

For decades, writing was a comfort, and when life was turbulent an anchor to help steady my boat. In my fifties, however, it dawned on me that I actually wanted to become a writer. A really good writer, if that was possible. I read an article in THE NEW YORK TIMES extolling the virtues of writing coaches and how, if you were lucky enough to find a good one, you might very well become a good writer. And so I found Jamie Morris. Fast forward five years and a few books’ worth of short stories, and I believe I have become a much better writer. I could wax poetic about Jamie’s coaching genius, but I won’t. It would spoil the fun. Instead, I’ll let you discover Jamie Morris for yourself—this writer’s best-kept secret. Hugh Holborn, The After-Fifty Adventureman

Get your happy dance on, Jamie! I’m so excited. Get ready to grace my acknowledgement page!!! You were so integral in helping me with my character arcs in FORETOLD—and with the underlying theme! Our ideas totally merged, and magic happened! Melissa Abrehamsen, FORETOLD

Jamie Morris is an outstanding resource for writers who want to reach the pinnacle of success. She’s a warm, encouraging angel on your shoulder, but she’s also got the skills, experience, and good judgment to help you vanquish your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. If you’re a writer with serious ambitions, work with Jamie. Elizabeth Sims, YOU’VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams (Writers Digest)

Still absorbing the awesomeness with Jamie Morris! We nailed it! Amazing brains clicking together, and I now have a solid first act, broken down scene by scene. So many thanks for your dedication and willingness to stick it out, Jamie! Anne Hawkinson, author, THE MYSTERY AT MOZ HOLLOW; co-author, SCOTLAND’S KNIGHT, Royal Palm Literary Award winner

Jamie, thanks for the session Friday morning. It was helpful on so many levels. You are someone to treasure, for sure. I’m so glad you are part of my team. All my interactions with you make me—and my world—saner, happier, more optimistic. Beth Lambdin

Shout out to Jamie Morris for helping me decipher the structure of this effort. —Dr. Sharon Spano, THE PURSUIT OF TIME AND MONEY (Morgan James)

Jamie, I owe you ten bucks, but I really owe you so much more! You’ve pushed me to uncover truth in my writing. I’ve learned so much about writing, so much about myself. Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to more. —Liz Rash, memoirist

Jamie has the ability to cut directly to the core of your writing issues and offer kind, constructive, and EFFECTIVE suggestions for how to proceed at a higher level. Wherever there’s a block, weakness, or inefficiency—be it practical, emotional, spiritual, or otherwise—she’ll help you unearth it and move forward. She’s a keeper! Tierney Sadler, THE DECK OF 1000 SPREADS (Llewellyn)

Jamie Morris is not just a fairy godmother, she is also an angel in disguise. Her coaching is awesome and has helped me enormously in wading through my first novel. Her advice and encouragement are incomparable, inspirational, and motivational. AND she’s also a lot of fun!Pati Anderson, author, SECRETARY’S DAY

Jamie has a unique gift with writers, especially new writers. She is careful to draw out their talents and yet at the same time not allow them to drift into common traps and mistakes that can hold back a writer’s craft. She is a writer’s advocate and a must-have tool in their career. JL Rehman, owner, Partners In Crime Publishers

Jamie Morris is such a fantastic coach! Not only is my general storytelling so much richer after working with her, my particular project is much tighter and more professional. Her approach is very intuitive, so no matter what I’m working on, from plotting to character development, Jamie always has an intelligent, unique perspective to present. If you’d like to take your writing to another level, I strongly recommend Jamie! Alina Smith, songwriter, music producer, at LYRE

Jamie! You’re so wonderful! Our time together is so magical. Thank you for reigniting my passion and gifting me focus and insights. I’m thrilled about the new direction for my book. So profoundly grateful for you and the forces that guided us together for this. Kristen Schneider, author, YOUR LIFE IS MEDICINE

Jamie is an incredible coach. I’ve worked with her for years, and her skills, ideas, and unfailing enthusiasm have helped me complete five novels in several genres. —MK Swanson

Jamie, you are so special to me and the most amazing person to come across my path at this particular time. It feels like a spiritual connection, and I do believe you are this story’s fairy godmother, as you are not only making sense of what’s already been done, but giving a new perspective on what is yet to be. Big Shared World is already better thanks to your involvement. I am better because of you. Wow! Colleen Waterston, BigSharedWorld.com

Jamie, I think hiring you is the single most important gift I’ve given my writing life in years. Your guidance has led me to completed manuscripts, better story structure, and increased confidence as a writer. You’re a genius, and you help me feel like one, too. Thank you!  —Tia Levings

Through her kind but insightful critique of my first draft, [Jamie Morris] encouraged me to dig deeper into the stories. I greatly appreciate Jamie sharing her talents with me and encouraging me to go forward. —Janie Bray, author of ENCHANTED COCOON

Many, many thanks to Jamie Morris. She’s a master at getting to the heart of a story. I was fortunate to have her at my side from the beginning on this one. —Julie Compton, acknowledgements, RESCUING OLIVIA (Macmillan)


Jamie’s coaching is soul-to-soul. She offers resources to help navigate one’s journey. Jamie’s enthusiasm and spot-on intuition enhance her talents. She’s a natural cheerleader and a magician who performs stellar work on any written endeavor. Tabitha Dial, author of CREATIVE DIVINATION (North Star Muse)


Jamie has helped me find my voice. Her insights into making my work consistent, coherent, and clear have already made my book a much stronger offering. She has also helped me find balance. Before working with her, I had an all-or-nothing approach that wasn’t helping me reach the finish line. By keeping my work grounded, I have been able to keep the work flowing. Thanks Jamie! —Andrew Kyle McGregor, owner, The Hermit’s Lamp; creator, TAROT WAITING TO HAPPEN; author, SIMPLY LEARN TAROT

I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. There’s been 65K words of what I now know is backstory sitting in a file on my computer for over a year. It seemed more a journal than the memoir I was aiming for. Would anyone want to read what I’d written? Does my story really have what it takes to touch hearts? If so, how can I make it most effective?

The answer to all those questions showed up in my inbox one morning, in the form of a magazine article on writing coaches. Jamie was the featured coach. Within an hour of reading the article, Jamie and I were on the phone. I knew before I’d hung up—she’s the answer to my questions.

To date, Jamie and I have had four phone conferences and, in all honesty, those four calls have been life-changing.

Although I’m otherwise a stranger to her, Jamie has an innate sense of where more is lurking in my memories that will add depth to the story.

She’s a great listener and gives exceptional feedback that has enabled me to believe I am a writer. The woman is a genius. I didn’t know a “low point” from a “climax,” and now I’m researching agents. I cannot recommend Jamie enough. —Terrie Reynolds

Jamie Morris is a true genius at her craft. She’s intelligent and thoughtful, with bone-deep wisdom about how to make a story. It took me fifteen years to get serious about this book, and I swear on my stack of all-time-favorites that I was waiting to find Jamie. She’s the creative midwife of my dreams! —Heather Rosser

Hey, J. Just wanted to say “THANKS!” for the coaching session today. It was amazingly productive. I now have actionable clarity for revising one novel that’s been giving me grief, and finishing another that had stalled in the middle. Pretty good work for one hour, no? Ryan G. Van Cleave, Head of Creative Writing, Ringling College of Art and Design; author of THE WEEKEND BOOK PROPOSAL (Writers Digest) and MEMOIR WRITING FOR DUMMIES (Wiley)

Whether you are struggling to finish a manuscript, ready for a developmental editor, or simply need someone who understands you, Jamie Morris is incredible. She maps out action plans, gives firm yet reasonable goals, and takes the terror and mystery out of the writing process so you can get to the work at hand. Do yourself and your writing life a favor. Hire her immediately. She’s the best investment you’ll ever make! Sasha Graham, TAROT DIVA (Llewellyn)

[She’s] an insightful coach. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just starting out, I can’t recommend Jamie Morris highly enough. Patrick Matthews, DRAGON RUN (Scholastic); columnist, DADDY TALES; publisher and editor, GAMES FOR EDUCATORS

I can’t express enough the gratitude necessary to convey how much you have helped me in my creative process! Thanks a million times! Keep up the great work! John Gamber, poet, painter

Jamie, I just wanted to thank you for all of your time and mental energy. I felt strange about this story for the longest time. I think it was an awful mess, partly due to how I was holding it at arm’s length and trying to think about some vague idea of what young adult books should be. Once you told me to pay attention to the emotional beats, it got SO so much better.

You are such a great writing coach. I’m incredibly grateful and just stunned at how much ground you covered. Oh, my gosh—I learned a ton from every session! Someday, I hope to gain a fraction of the insight you possess, but I’ll shut up now and just say thank you so much. —Megan Cooke, writer, animator; graduate, Ringling College of Art and Design Creative Writing Program

The foundation you have helped me set will help me to write many books with audacity and finesse—a great combo to have. They don’t call you the guru of writing for nothing. Dr. Simi Ahuja

Jamie Morris has been my colleague in the writing community for more than fifteen years. She always brings something extra to the table. She has the ability to hold complex ideas in her head, turn them around, and explore new ways to fit them together. Working with her has led me to some darn good insights and much-improved writing. I feel lucky to have access to her particular brand of genius. Tom Wallace, ghostwriter/editor

Jamie is a bright, empowering coach who started me on my writing career. Now I have a published book. Roberta Fish, speaker and author of MINISTERING HOPE TO THE HEALING HEART

Jamie has a special talent for keeping writers enthused about their projects. Her insight and intuition have advanced my work tremendously. Alan Zemel, owner, College Park Wellness

Jamie is a genius when it comes to the process of writing. Whether I’m developing a character or just brainstorming, one hour with Jamie spins off a whole month’s-worth of creativity! Jim Shipley, columnist, HERITAGE FLORIDA JEWISH NEWS

I’ve been teaching writing for twenty years, and I’ve been a writing coach for nearly as long. But I recently invested in five sessions with Florida writing guru Jamie Morris. In that short time, I had two breakthroughs on a semi-comatose project that’s been languishing away for a year. Her fresh eyes on my work was exactly what I needed. Ryan G. Van Cleave, Head of Creative Writing, Ringling College of Art and Design, Ringling College; author THE WEEKEND BOOK PROPOSAL (Writers Digest) and MEMOIR WRITING FOR DUMMIES (Wiley)

Jamie is amazing! She has the ability to pull from her writers their best work—and then help them to make it better. She creates a climate of encouragement and inspiration. I leave each session excited and wanting more. Anna Thoma

When I hit the “write or die” wall (that I think a lot of writers begin to feel at some point), I did the sensible thing. I got help. And Jamie and I worked through a plan to make things better. Melissa Jo Hill, creator, MELISSA LENORMAND, THE POSTMARK LENORMAND

I love the way Jamie was able to help me define my main character. She guided me through a series of questions and list-making that kept me focused. She’s always available and very patient. It’s comforting to know she respects my work as much as I do. Thanks for making Marie come to life! Danielle Moroux



Jamie Morris is one of the most insightful critiquers I have ever worked with. Time and again, I have observed her finding the deeper themes and motifs in a manuscript and seeing unique ways for the writer to enhance and enrich a book’s structure. She not only sees the bigger picture of a manuscript, she sees the deeper picture, and that can make all the difference for a writer.
Joyce Sweeney, Delacorte Press Prize-winning author of CENTER LINE

Every time I spoke in public, I told jokes, shared openly and easily; every time I sat at my computer, I started writing term papers, reports, facts. I was so bogged down in proving myself as an intellectual person I couldn’t write freely! Jamie helped me find my natural writing voice. She made little notes: “This sounds like Wah!” And “Good voice!” It made all the difference. Jamie helped me take my project from “boring, way too much information” to “interesting, refreshing, fun.” — Queen Wah!, musician, author, HEALING: A Vibrational Exchange (Wah! Music)

Hi, Jamie. It’s been a while since you did a comprehensive analysis of THE URBAN LEGION for me. Since then I’ve done a number of revisions, inspired by your advice …  It’s way better, and is now officially published. You’re mentioned in the acknowledgments. Thanks for all the help! Dave Agans, author of THE URBAN LEGION (B. Mirthy & Sons) and DEBUGGING (AMACOM)

Jamie’s insightful critique is worth the price of admission. I keep a page with her notes on my bulletin board to this day. —Troy Stoops, author DIVIDING EARTH; THE SANCTIFICATION OF PETER KANE

Jamie, thank you for the knowledge you bestowed on me during my first draft. You also gave me a killer critique for my revision. The manuscript that got sold reflects your amazing instincts. Thank you so much. —Melody Maysonet, author of 2016 Eric Hoffer Award-winning novel A WORK OF ART (Merit Press

Hi Jamie. Thought I’d let you know that DRAWN AND BURIED won [Mystery Writers of America’s] Freddie Award this weekend at Sleuthfest. Pretty excited. Your help was instrumental in getting this thing into shape. Thanks! Dana Summers

I looked at [my novel] just now and compared it to that first version I sent to you, and there’s just no comparison. With your help, I was able to hone my characters’ personalities and motivations and, in the process, completely (and successfully) overhaul my plot line. You provided tons of encouragement, copious amounts of brainstorming, and kind words every step of the way. THANK YOU. Cindy Knoebel

Jamie: I am so freaking in love with you, this process, and my book! People dread asking me how I am because I tell them in nauseating detail how much I love my book and my writing coach! I feel like I won the lottery! Cara Gubbins, PhD, THE DOLPHINS OF HILTON HEAD (University of South Carolina Press); DIVINE BEINGS: The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals

Hello, Jamie! I just wanted to let you know that one of the stories that you critiqued for me, “Graceland,” won third place in the 2014 Seven Hills Literary Contest and will appear in the 2014 SEVEN HILLS REVIEW. Thank you. I am looking forward to working with you again in the near future! —Lee Williams

With sharp focus and thoughtful, constructive comments, Jamie gives—most generously—guidance which reflects her depth of experience. —Peggy Miller, editor of THE COMSTOCK REVIEW, author of WHAT THE BLOOD KNOWS; STONE BEING

Jamie’s feedback and suggestions on my e-course were absolutely invaluable. She was clear, concise, and compassionate in her critique, and she had a good understanding of what I was trying to achieve. The tweaks she suggested gave my course that professional, polished feel. I would work with Jamie again in a heartbeat. —Kate, The Daily Tarot Girl


Raves for “Plotting Your Novel with the Plot Clock”

Joyce and Jamie have helped numerous people to publication, and the Plot Clock is one of their most effective tools. If you’re having trouble with the sagging middle of your book, turn to the Plot Clock. It just might be the magic antidote to your writing woes. —Stacie Ramey, author of THE HOMECOMING, THE SISTER PACT, and THE SECRETS WE BURY

The Plot Clock is simple, clear, and flexible enough to be useful in any story enterprise, from picture book to adult novel, and from genre writing to the most serious of literature. PLOTTING YOUR NOVEL WITH THE PLOT CLOCK is a must-read for any aspiring writer, period. Ryan G. Van Cleave, Head of Creative Writing, Ringling College of Art and Design; author of THE WEEKEND BOOK PROPOSAL (Writers Digest) and MEMOIR WRITING FOR DUMMIES (Wiley)

PLOTTING YOUR NOVEL WITH THE PLOT CLOCK is a short book (seventy pages) that packs a wallop! It addresses plotting a story in a manner that moves that story forward and keeps readers hanging in there.

The interesting thing about the Plot Clock is it is circular, rather than linear. Points around the clock include: Starting Point, Ordinary World, Inciting Event, Binding Point, Tests & Challenges Failed, Low Point, The Change, Tests & Challenges Won, Turning Point, Climax, and Denouement.

Chapters include a discussion of the process of the Plot Clock points, with wisdom from each of the co-authors. There are chapters on Stories & Plot, The Hands of Time, The Depths of Story Time, Case Study, Q&A. There are also templates, which I particularly liked. These included a Basic Plot Clock, a Complex Clock Plot, Tragedy on the Plot Clock, and a blank Plot Clock.

I recommend this book to both pantsers and plotters. There is something here for everyone! —Bonnie Cehovet, author of TAROT, BIRTH CARDS & YOU, THE WORLD OF TAROT, and SEEK JOY, TOSS CONFETTI

How do people write without the Plot Clock? Thanks to this easy-to-follow device, I have confidence that my plots are exciting and well-paced. As an added bonus, the Plot Clock guarantees that my characters hit all the emotional marks that make for a moving story. —Melody Maysonet, author of 2016 Eric Hoffer Award-winning novel A WORK OF ART (Merit Press

For a “pantser” like me, learning to use the Plot Clock was a lifesaver. If you want to finally nail story structure, there’s no better method than the Plot Clock—it gives you a simple visual map to represent the arc of your story and keep you on track. The Plot Clock has hauled me out of my boggling beginnings, muddled middles, and decidedly unclimactic climaxes time and again. Learn it and use it! —Gail Shepherd, author of THE TRUE HISTORY OF LYNDIE B. HAWKINS

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