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SF:SE 2015!

SF:SE 2015 (SPECULATIVE FICTION: SOUTHEAST) is a convention for writers —and lovers—of horror, scifi, fantasy, and weird fiction, to be held September 25th-27th, in Orlando, FL.sfseposter copy, with osc Con director Rachel Litt says, “At SF:SE, expect a marriage of con cultures, including conference standards like workshops, panels, and editor consultations, as well as convention devilry and a masquerade ball!”

You can also get query-ready with help from renowned guests such as Orson Scott Card, Jacqueline Carey, Peter V. Brett, and Kelley Armstrong! Visit, for more info—then get writing, get costuming, and get weird!


CHRISTINA BENJAMIN is about to launch LIES, the third book in her terrific YA series, THE GENEVA PROJECT—which takes place in the troubled land of Lux! The first two books, TRUTH and SECRETS, are currently on sale for $.99 so readers can get caught up for LIES’ September 1st debut. Pre-order LIES now, on Amazon.


Lit-Land-O residents, take note: LIES is launching at Writer’s Atelier, on Saturday, September 12th, at 4:30, when Christina will be reading from LIES and signing copies!

Free! Q+A with Teen Author Kyle Prue

THINK YOU’RE BUSY? Kyle Prue is a high school senior, actor, comic, and the author of acclaimed YA fantasy novel THE SPARKS: Book One of the Feud Trilogy!

Now, Kyle invites Lit-lando-ans to give him the ol’ Q+A treatment. Wonder what inspired Kyle to write his hot new trilogy? How a high school student even gets published? How to balance a busy life and still leave room for creative mojo?

Find out! Join Racquel Henry at Writer’s Atelier, Wednesday, May 13, from 6:30 – 8 pm. To register for this FREE event, RSVP


UCF BookFest: Go!

WONDERING ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN a book festival and a writing conference? A book festival showcases authors and their books, and typically includes presentations, book-signings, and readings. We attend to support authors and celebrate literature and writing. (Interested in presenting your work at a book fair? You might enjoy Making Book Fairs Work for You.)

A writing conference, on the other hand, is designed to educate writers about their craft via workshops and panel presentations, as well as providing opportunities to pitch work to agents. (Interested in attending a writing conference? You might like this Writer’s Digest article, How to Make the Most of Any Writing Conference.)

Now, head on out to the UCF BookFest! With thanks to Liz Rash, who reminds us that the 2015 Annual UCF Book Festival will be held this coming Saturday, April 18, from 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at the UCF Education Complex.

The Sunshine State of Poetry

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! DURING NATIONAL POETRY MONTH (April), the Poetry Foundation invites Floridians to share our favorite poems as part of the Favorite Poem Project.index Just click the pretty yellow banner and enter the title of your favorite poem on the form you’ll find on the site. Selections from our submissions will be used to create a mini-documentary series that will air later this year. The Favorite Poem Project: Florida is part of a nation-wide program created by former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky. Its purpose is to celebrate and encourage poetry in all American lives. And it gives us a chance to celebrate the particularities of the fresh-squeezed poetry goodness that sweetens our Sunshine-State lives.

Crack that Writing Whip!

IT’S TIME FOR ANOTHER WRITE-IN AT WRITER’S ATELIER! imagesJoin other Central Florida writers at the Atelier’s Monthly Write-In this Saturday, March 28th, from 12-2 pm. There’s no charge, but do RSVP Racquel at Then drive your writer self to 336 Grove Ave., Suite B, Winter Park, FL 32789, ring the bell, pour yourself a cup of joe, put your butt in one of the Atelier’s comfy chairs, and hit the keys for thirty minutes. After a mini-break, you’ll go again. Because that’s how we get writing done.

A Chair for Your Butt

BUTT IN CHAIR: THAT’S THE CURE FOR THE writer’s most common ailment. Join the Monthly Write-In at Writer’s Atelier this Saturday, February 28th, from 12-2 pm. oscar-wild-60553_1280There’s no charge, but do RSVP Racquel at (so she knows how many cookies to bake). Then drive your writer self to 336 Grove Ave., Suite B, Winter Park, FL 32789, ring the bell, pour yourself a cup of coffee, put your butt in one of the Atelier’s comfortable chairs, and hit the keys for thirty minutes. A moderator will signal a ten-minute social (cookie!) break—then you’ll write again. Because that’s the way we get writing done.

Day at the (Tampa) Bay: Mini Writing Con

WRITERS HELPING WRITERS, THAT’S BEEN THE FWA MOTTO for years. Now, FWA wants to be your Valentine, too! On Saturday, February 14th, FWA presents the second annual Day at the Bay mini conference. This year, the workshops target love—and fighting. Yes, a full day focused on writing romance . . . and its exact opposite: hand-to-hand combat, guns, and crime scenes. The love (and assault) takes place at the Hilton Tampa Westshore. Doors open at 8:30 a.m. Visit FWA for more details.

Free! Big Fun for Writers!

OUR LAST, FREE (!) ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION WAS SO AWESOME (!!!) THAT RACQUEL HENRY and I decided to reprise the event. Join us at Writer’s Atelier, in Winter Park, Florida, on Monday, February 23rd, at 6:45 p.m. We’ll answer questions about your writing projects, including issues of writing process, craft, publishing, and marketing.

While there’s no charge for this presentation, do contact to register, as seating is limited. Oh, and let me introduce Racquel! Having earned her MFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Racquel co-founded Black Fox Literary Magazine, and is now a writer and editor, an English professor, and the founder of Writer’s Atelier. Her work has appeared in Lotus-eater Literary Magazine and Zest Literary Journal, among others. (See? Awesome!!!)

Your Creativity is in the Tarot Cards!

ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH, JAMIE AND CREATIVITY COACH LEZLIE LAWS  will present an all-day workshop to explore how the 78 evocative images of the tarot can unlock your creativity!

While tarot has a long and arcane history, there’s no need to dive into esoteric research to access its wisdom. Instead, we’ll immerse ourselves in the visual language of the cards, concentrating on what personal meaning tarot holds for us. With decks (and journals) in hand, we’ll let the magic and the beauty of the tarot transform our relationship with our own creativity, including,

  • tarot for self-reflection
  • evoking Higher Wisdom with the cards
  • problem-solving with Tarot

The cost for this workshop, $185, includes lunch. Register with Lezlie Laws at

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