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Congratulations Station

Congratulations to LORI NORMAN on the publication of BEYOND THE DRAWBRIDGE, winner of a Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writers Association.

Norman had always believed it was her calling to become a nun, but bound by rules, expectations of church and family, and her vows, she felt trapped and unable to escape. This inspirational memoir traces Norman’s journey from her entry into the novitiate at the age of eighteen to the eventual reexamination of all she knew and trusted.

SF:SE 2015!

SF:SE 2015 (SPECULATIVE FICTION: SOUTHEAST) is a convention for writers —and lovers—of horror, scifi, fantasy, and weird fiction, to be held September 25th-27th, in Orlando, FL.sfseposter copy, with osc Con director Rachel Litt says, “At SF:SE, expect a marriage of con cultures, including conference standards like workshops, panels, and editor consultations, as well as convention devilry and a masquerade ball!”

You can also get query-ready with help from renowned guests such as Orson Scott Card, Jacqueline Carey, Peter V. Brett, and Kelley Armstrong! Visit, for more info—then get writing, get costuming, and get weird!

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