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Uncle Bardie Does Hamlet

UNCLE BARDIE, AKA DON ROYSTER, CENTRAL-FLORIDA storyteller and blogger at Uncle Bardie’s Stories & Such, is “doing” HAMLET in 2015. Every Wednesday, Uncle Bardie will respond to some aspect of the play. For instance, did you know the first-ever knock-knock joke came from HAMLET? Or have you wondered if Gertrude furnished Elsinore from the original IKEA? Or why all those Italians were gathered in Denmark in the first place?

No? Well, me, either. Until Don brought it up!

So, while Uncle Bardie may not be a Shakespearean scholar (in fact, he’ll tell anyone who asks that Shakespeare has always scared the hell out of him), it seems, like Sir Edmund Hillary facing Mount Everest, Uncle Bardie will climb Mt. HAMLET simply because it’s there.

Mon Petit Chien

ARTIST AND DOG-LOVER JOAN MANSSON, has set up shop on Fine Art America. There, you can view (or purchase) her pencil-and-pastel portraits of pups she has met in her travels. And if you wander over to her blog, Mon Petit Chien, you’ll find adorable stories about the dogs that Joan draws.

Here, just to give you a taste, is the “bio” from Joan’s blog: In a past life, I must have been a dog. I believe my current best dog-buddy, Repeta, a Basset-Lab mix, was once my mistress. At the time, she was an opera star and trapeze artist, named Madame Celeste. I was her apricot Poodle, Jo-Jo, short for Josephine. After each performance, Celeste and I would retire to her dressing room to nibble on bonbons and sip sparkling water. Today, I am Joan Mansson, dog lover, artist, and blogger.

The Hourglass Project

MY FRIEND JESS HAS JUST LAUNCHED HER OH-SO-THOUGHTFUL HOURGLASS PROJECT. As she says in her introduction, The Hourglass Project is a personal venture to create balance and flexibility in [her] life as well as an increase in overall happiness. With it, Jess hopes to encourage others to make changes in their own lives.

A mental health counselor, Jess knows the importance of balancing nutrition, sleep, and activity. When we nourish our minds and souls, as well, we’re able to reach our full potential. With her new site, Jess aims to help others feed their minds, love their bodies, and nourish their souls, ultimately creating a balanced, harmonious life.

What’s not to love? Visit Jess and The Hourglass Project.

Center for Women Writers Contest

THANKS TO DANIELLE MOROUX FOR LETTING ME AND HER writing Sisterhood know that The Center for Women Writers at Salem College, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, has announced an international literary contest with awards in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

The contest deadline has been extended to January 31st, so click here and take a look-see! Best of luck!

2015 Short Story Contest

AS PART OF THE LAKE COUNTY LIBRARY BOOKFEST 2015, Writers One Flight Up is sponsoring a short story contest. Each of the three, top-placed contestants will win a fifteen-minute interview with both agent Lucienne Diver of the Knight Agency and Random House author Amy Christine Parker.

Stories must be 2500 words or less in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, paranormal, or romantic fantasy. Find more information at the events page of Writers One Flight Up.  Deadline for submission is midnight, February 13, 2015.

Peggy Poet’s New Poems: Sciences of Silence

POET PEGGY MILLER, A TRUE FRIEND AND TRUE HEART, ANNOUNCED the upcoming publication of her fourth collection of poems, Sciences of Silence, by FootHills Publishing. Because she’s my real, true friend, I hear her real, true voice speaking every line of the poem Foothills shared from the collection. I hope you can, too.

The Good Stuff

Brother Loman Joseph came by with
a handful of dry limas and broke one
open with his little folding knife to
show the 2 cotyledons inside. Dicot,

he said. Once he took an old softball
from his pocket on which he wrote
N period Y period with a blue ballpoint
pen and Xs for the north pole and

the south pole. He lit the bare light bulb
of the porch lamp and tilted the softball
for winter in New York, and he walked
it around the little sun until it was

summertime and sunny. On a winter
night he pointed out the Pleiades,
a modest clutch of stars south
of the biggest star in Auriga’s pentagon.

Seven Sisters, like you girls, he said,
always teaching the good stuff.
Sometimes he brought a pillowcase
full of grapes or corn. The tassels

at the apex of corn stalks were male
flowers puffing pollen. Pollen traveled
the silk strands of female flowers,
ripening the kernels of corn. Monocot,

like the grasses. Of grapes I remember
only the bitter pits. He showed me
how to grow a sweet potato held
up by three toothpicks in a jelly

glass, and once he asked me where
I ‘d have to be if I had a square house
with a window on each side and no
matter which window I looked out

I’d be looking south. And I got
the answer right—He planted a tall
maple sapling beyond the barberry
bush. Maybe it’s still there.

The Geneva Project: Truth and Secrets

MOST COOL AUTHOR-GIRL CHRISTINA BENJAMIN, CREATOR OF the YA series THE GENEVA PROJECT, was in town to celebrate the release of Volume Two, SECRETS. She and three other YA authors—Jaimie Engle, Christina Farley, and Amy Christine Parker—chatted about their books and their book-writing/publishing journeys at Bookmarkit, Orlando’s newest indie bookseller, located in the East End Market.

It was great fun to meet Kim Britt, Bookmarkit owner, chat with Darlyn and Brad Kuhn, and see Racquel Henry, of Writer’s Atelier! I look forward to more Lit-lando events at Bookmarkit—and I hope to see you there!

Foretold: Melissa Abrehamsen Gets Agented!

BIG SHOUT-OUT FOR LONG-TIME PAL AND CLIENT Melissa Abrehamsen, who’s just signed with Siobhan McBride of Serendipity Literary Agency. Ms. McBride will be representing Melissa’s YA Paranormal Romance, FORETOLD, in which a premonition pushes a cocky fortune teller’s son and a suicidal preacher’s daughter together to prevent a high school massacre.

Melissa writes, Jamie, you may not remember, but you were integral in helping me with my character arcs in FORETOLD—and with the underlying theme! Remember when we met in Mount Dora? That session was so good. Our ideas totally merged and magic happened!

Middle River Press: Custom Publishing Pals

THE MIDDLE RIVER PRESS MOTTO IS, “WE DO IT RIGHT.” AND they do! MRP just won three silver medals in the Florida Authors and Publisher’s Association (FAPA) President’s Book Awards competition. Well-deserved congratulations to publishers Judy and Bruce Borich. You make your authors look terrific! For more information on MRP go to or like MRP at

YA Novelist Melody Maysonet

YA NOVELIST MELODY MAYSONET has just signed a publishing contract for her debut Young Adult novel, A WORK OF ART (Merit Press), due out in Spring 2015. Melody writes, Jamie, Thank you for the inspiration and knowledge you bestowed on me during the writing of the first draft. Not only that, but you gave me a killer critique for my revision. I revised based on your feedback, so the manuscript that got sold reflects your amazing instincts. Thank you so much.

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