Writing Prompt: Cooking up a Storm

Writing Prompt

HAVING EXHAUSTED ALL CONVENTIONAL ROUTES to achieve her goal, your character has decided to cook up a spell—literally! in her kitchen!—to weigh the odds in her favor. Prompt: Write a story (poem? personal essay?) in which you answer the following:

  • What (or whom?) is she trying to summon?6a00e0099229e8883301a3fd1becfc970b-pi
  • What ingredients does she stir into her cauldron (pot? skillet?)?
  • What incantation does she murmur (shout? sing?) over her stove?
  • Where does she pour (sprinkle? wipe? hide?) her potion?
  • Does she get what she hopes for?
    • If so, what is the result?
    • If not, what does she get instead?

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