Sewing Holes: A Celebration

DARLYN FINCH KUHN’S LOVELY DEBUT NOVEL, SEWING HOLES, indexmakes its first official public appearance on Saturday, March 28th, at 7 p.m., when Twisted Road Publications is throwing a bash to celebrate the book and its author.

Darlyn Finch Kuhn has written a modern Southern Gothic novel … that keeps the reader captivated from beginning to end…. Jeff Kunerth, author of TROUT: A True Story of Murder, Teens, and the Death Penalty

And guess what? We’re invited! So get out your prettiest party dress—or polish up your party shoes—and come meet Darlyn (and a gazillion of her well-wishers!) at the Jack Kerouac House, 1408 Clouser St., College Park, Florida, 32804.

As Darlyn would say, “Don’t make me come get you”!

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