Editing rates, coaching and consulting charges

Coaching Rates

WRITING COACHING is a collaborative relationship. It offers you creative and practical support intended to help you complete your literary project.

Our coaching approaches and objectives may include:

  • brainstorming your plot, characters, or theme
  • developing your voice and craft
  • completing a first draft or substantive revision
  • establishing your publishing goals
  • creating your book marketing materials

Choose from the following options for our work together.

THE WRITER’S SEASON PLAN: This immersive, three-month plan can help you wade confidently into a book-length revision, fine-tune a collection of short-form pieces for publication, gain serious traction on a work-in-progress—or just get the darned thing done!

Included in your Writer’s Season Plan are:

  • an initial consultation to set goals and map our strategy
  • six project meetings (+ prep hours) to further those goals
  • office-hours access
  • a wrap-up consultation to plan your next steps

$1250: Like the seasons, this plan is renewable. Use it to forward your serious writing goals.

FIVE-HOUR PACKAGE: These hours could be used to help you revive a back-burnered project, revise a short story, develop an outline for a new project, settle into your writing practice, create a backlog of blog posts, or hone your writing craft.

$495: This package is perfect for your short-term writing goals.

LIGHTNING SESSION: This one-hour writing consultation is less of a relationship and more of a jump start. When you’re temporarily stranded—due to loss of direction, confidence, technique, or ideas—a fresh perspective can help you get back up and running.

$120: We’ll use this meeting to untangle a knot, illuminate a solution, or haul your project out of the mud if it’s stuck and spinning its wheels.

Editing Rates

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING is an in-depth review of your work-in-progress. Whether we’re considering your first fifty pages or a full draft, I’ll delve into considerations such as:

  • style and voice
  • character development
  • plot and theme
  • internal and external arcs
  • organization and structure
  • audience and genre
  • pacing and payoff

FIRST FIFTY-PAGES REVIEW: Your first fifty pages can make or break an agent’s interest. After my close read of your all-important opening chapters, we’ll meet by phone (or Skype) to strategize ways to engage agents (and readers) and leave them wanting more!

$295: average 250 words per page

YOUR FULL-DRAFT REVIEW: Following my careful read of your work-in-progress, I’ll send you a prioritized overview of topics we’ll discuss during our substantive follow-up phone (or Skype) consultation. Your notes on these will create a road map for your revision.

For novels, memoirs, and other contiguous, book-length work
$6 per page: average 250 words per page

For short-story and essay collections
$7 per page: average 250 words per page

For work that doesn’t fall in the above categories
Per-project price to be determined

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