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Writing Coaching Rates

WRITING COACHING is a collaborative relationship. It offers creative and practical support intended to help you complete your literary project. Coaching approaches and objectives may include:

  • brainstorming your plot or outlining your nonfiction concept
  • developing characters, voice, and tone
  • building craft techniques to support your work-in-progress
  • completing a first draft or substantive revision
  • establishing publishing goals/creating marketing materials

Choose from the following options for our work together:

THE DOUBLE-DOWN PROJECT FOUNDATION PLAN: In their early stages, both newer writers and newer writing projects benefit from a particular kind of support: Patience, humor, an open mind, and a steady hand can help both find their feet and set their roots.

Offering all this, as well as accountability and encouragement, this plan comprises twelve weeks of collaborative support. Meeting by phone or Skype every week for twelve weeks, we’ll clarify your direction, establish your working rhythm, set manageable goals, and help you develop the skills to meet those goals.

Our project meetings + my regular review of your work + your office-hours access + our next-moves consultation will build your confidence as you take giant steps along your writing road!

$2495: The reliable care and feeding provided by this twelve-week/twelve-meeting plan will help your budding project and your writerly self take root and grow.

THE 100 DAYS PLAN: Serious about your writing goals? Me, too! I want to help you get significant traction on an established project, get a stalled project back on track, or set a new project on the road to success. This three-month+ plan can help you wade confidently into a book-length revision, fine-tune a collection of short stories, or finish a draft. We’ll set goals, map strategies, on-board helpful techniques, and brainstorm solutions—while you meet objectives and move your project toward the finish line.

With two meetings per month for three months, your 100 Days Plan comprises six project meetings + reading/prep hours + office-hours access + wrap-up/next-moves consultation.

$1495: This three-month/six-meeting plan is for you if you want to dig in on a work-in-progress—or just get the darned thing done!
(Add First Fifty Pages Review for $350)

SIX-HOUR PACKAGE: These hours can help you revive a back-burnered project, substantively revise a short story or two, develop an outline for a new project, settle into your writing practice, create a handful of blog posts, or hone an aspect of your writing craft.

$595: To be used within six months, this package is perfect for your short-term writing goals.

90-MINUTE LIGHTNING SESSION: This consultation is less of a relationship and more of a jump start. When you’re temporarily stranded—due to loss of direction, confidence, technique, or ideas—a fresh perspective can help you get back up and running.

$195: During our hour-and-a-half meeting, we can untangle a knot, illuminate a solution, or haul your project out of the mud if it’s stuck and spinning its wheels.

Editing Rates

DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING is an in-depth review of your work-in-progress. Whether I’m reviewing your first fifty pages or a full draft, I’ll delve into considerations such as:

  • style and voice
  • character development
  • plot, pacing, and theme
  • organization and structure
  • audience and genre

FIRST FIFTY PAGES REVIEW: Your first fifty pages can make or break an agent’s interest. As I review your all-important opening chapters, I’ll note the strengths of your work, as well as those areas that would benefit from further consideration. These points will guide us when we meet by phone or Skype to strategize ways to engage agents (and readers) and leave them wanting more!

$450: average 250 words per page

FULL DRAFT REVIEW: You’ve completed a draft of your book! Now you’re looking for professional evaluation of your work. Whether you’re self-publishing or seeking agent representation, I can help you determine what will give your book its best chance of success.

Jamie, thank you for the knowledge you bestowed on me during my first draft. You also gave me a killer critique for my revision. The manuscript that sold reflects your amazing instincts.

Melody Maysonet, author of Eric Hoffer Award-winning novel A WORK OF ART (Merit Press)

Your review consists of three elements: my careful read of your manuscript, our comprehensive conversation based on that review, and my brief email noting significant points from our meeting.

The read: I’ll dedicate my “literary sixth sense” and years of experience to my read-through of your manuscript. I’ll identify its strengths as well as areas that would benefit from further attention—and prioritize them for our follow-up conversation.

The conversation: During our in-depth phone or Skype consultation I’ll offer my assessment of your work-in-progress. We’ll discuss what’s working and consider which issues need to be addressed. My goal is to help you improve your work so it can accomplish your goals.

The email: Although your notes* on our conversation will form the road map for your revision, after our meeting I’ll send a brief email of critical points we discussed, for your reference.

$5 per page: average 250 words per page, per above
*Add $2.50 per page to receive an editorial letter + margin notes in addition to the review (read, conversation, brief email), per above. 

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