Your Creativity is in the Tarot Cards!

ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH, JAMIE AND CREATIVITY COACH LEZLIE LAWS  will present an all-day workshop to explore how the 78 evocative images of the tarot can unlock your creativity!

While tarot has a long and arcane history, there’s no need to dive into esoteric research to access its wisdom. Instead, we’ll immerse ourselves in the visual language of the cards, concentrating on what personal meaning tarot holds for us. With decks (and journals) in hand, we’ll let the magic and the beauty of the tarot transform our relationship with our own creativity, including,

  • tarot for self-reflection
  • evoking Higher Wisdom with the cards
  • problem-solving with Tarot

The cost for this workshop, $185, includes lunch. Register with Lezlie Laws at

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