Writing Prompt: Word’s Worth

ONCE UPON A TIME, JOHN LENNON walked into avant-art gallery Indica, yoko-ono_ceiling_painting_1966_indica-gallery_yeswhere Yoko Ono had a show. There, he climbed a ladder, found a magnifying glass, and peered through it at the single, tiny word Ono had inscribed on the ceiling: “Yes”

If the word Ono had written had been, “No,” so the story goes, Lennon would have left the gallery without ever meeting Yoko. But it wasn’t. And that single word changed the course of rock-n-roll history.

Writing Prompt

From Yoko Ono to you: List words that could (or did) alter a situation. (Yes? No? Evidence? Surprise!? Listen? Run!?) Now pick one and write the story of how that single word changes everything.

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