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Writing Prompt: It Didn’t Always Belong to Me


Novel Writing Coach?

THIS DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE PROMPT HAS LAUNCHED AT LEAST one successful novel! Julie Compton dove straight into the first draft of her acclaimed second thriller, RESCUING OLIVIA, from it. (I’m not saying it guarantees you a bestseller. I’m just sayin’ . . . give it a try.)

Writing Prompt

First, carefully describe an object that now belongs to you (or to one of your characters) but that once belonged to someone else. Next, tell how the object came into your possession: Inheritance? Purchase? Theft? Or did you borrow it? Win it at Bingo? Find it by the side of the street awaiting trash pickup?

Dig deep. Who knows what you’ll find? And, hey! It’s National Poetry Month, so maybe there’s even a poem in there somewhere.

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