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Mon Petit Chien

ARTIST AND DOG-LOVER JOAN MANSSON, has set up shop on Fine Art America. There, you can view (or purchase) her pencil-and-pastel portraits of pups she has met in her travels. And if you wander over to her blog, Mon Petit Chien, you’ll find adorable stories about the dogs that Joan draws.

Here, just to give you a taste, is the “bio” from Joan’s blog: In a past life, I must have been a dog. I believe my current best dog-buddy, Repeta, a Basset-Lab mix, was once my mistress. At the time, she was an opera star and trapeze artist, named Madame Celeste. I was her apricot Poodle, Jo-Jo, short for Josephine. After each performance, Celeste and I would retire to her dressing room to nibble on bonbons and sip sparkling water. Today, I am Joan Mansson, dog lover, artist, and blogger.

The Hourglass Project

MY FRIEND JESS HAS JUST LAUNCHED HER OH-SO-THOUGHTFUL HOURGLASS PROJECT. As she says in her introduction, The Hourglass Project is a personal venture to create balance and flexibility in [her] life as well as an increase in overall happiness. With it, Jess hopes to encourage others to make changes in their own lives.

A mental health counselor, Jess knows the importance of balancing nutrition, sleep, and activity. When we nourish our minds and souls, as well, we’re able to reach our full potential. With her new site, Jess aims to help others feed their minds, love their bodies, and nourish their souls, ultimately creating a balanced, harmonious life.

What’s not to love? Visit Jess and The Hourglass Project.

Center for Women Writers Contest

THANKS TO DANIELLE MOROUX FOR LETTING ME AND HER writing Sisterhood know that The Center for Women Writers at Salem College, in Winston Salem, North Carolina, has announced an international literary contest with awards in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.

The contest deadline has been extended to January 31st, so click here and take a look-see! Best of luck!

Left Field: Elizabeth’s Sims’ Latest in the Lillian Byrd Series!

ON JANUARY 1LEFT FIELD, ELIZABETH SIMS’ LATEST IN THE Lillian Byrd Crime Series, was Amazon’s #1 bestseller in the Gay and Lesbian Mystery category!

Here’s why! Lillian Byrd has been searching her soul after the gut-wrenching experience of killing someone in self-defense. Scrabbling to make ends meet, she takes a job as a quasi detective, solving life’s little mysteries for a pair of eccentric women in one of Detroit’s last prestigious neighborhoods. When she spots a corpse on the next-door lawn, she jumps back into honest work as an investigative journalist.

Raves include this, from an Amazon reader: “The pacing in the book is exquisite . . . I found myself laughing out loud at the antics of Lillian and her pal Lou throughout the book. Brisk, smart writing; insightful social commentary regarding Detroit; lovable characters; and a highly original plot make for a paging-turning read.”

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