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The Gerbil of Doom!

CONGRATULATIONS TO GERRY WOLFSON-GRANDE! Her short story “Lillian McNab and the Gerbil of Doom” and Christmas short, “Gabriel,” have both been included in Fireside Publications’ HOLIDAY TALES ANTHOLOGY 2014, now available in paperbook or e-book from Fireside Publications and from Amazon.


Courageous Mourning

A GENTLE, KIND, AND EFFECTIVE COUNSELOR, MELINDA LAUS focuses on helping others work through their grief and loss. Widowed young, herself, she supports her clients through the mourning process with heart and grace.

As she worked on her new website, Courageous Mourning, I was honored to help Melinda create web copy that truly reflects her beautiful voice and the depth of her understanding. And I was so proud to receive this note from her: Jamie, I am so excited to be able to work with you again! You bring out the best in my writing and help me to define and discern my own voice. What a gift you are!

Learn more about Melinda at Courageous Mourning.

Urban Mythical: The Emma Press Calls for Poetry Submissions

THE EMMA PRESS, WHOSE CHARMING SUBTITLE IS “SMALL PRESS, BIG DREAMS,” seeks submissions of poems about “urban myths and legends,” for a new anthology inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Poets are encouraged to send in poems which tell new stories and include some kind of transformation, as a nod to the original text.

Publisher Emma Wright says, “The Metamorphoses is often considered Ovid’s masterpiece. The requirements are quite exacting, but I think poets like a challenge and will hopefully come up with some brilliant stories.”

The deadline for submissions is December 31st. To submit, you must be a member of the Emma Press Club, which involves buying a book, ebook, or set of postcards from the publisher’s website. Find full submissions guidelines at the Submissions page.

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