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Red Flags: Writers Take Warning

IN HER RECENT ARTICLE FOR AUTHORS PUBLISH MAGAZINE, Red Flags: A Guide to Avoiding the Wrong Publisher,” Emily Harstone breaks down some quick ways to keep yourself out of trouble when it’s time to shop your manuscript. She links to Preditors and Editors and other good resources and encourages you to do your homework before you stick that query in the (e)mail.

“You’ve Got a Book in You,” a Slam Dunk for Elizabeth Sims

RAISING ALL SORTS OF WOO-HOO! Congratulate ELIZABETH SIMS! Her fantastic Writer’s Digest Books title, YOU’VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams, has entered its third printing since its publication in May, 2013. And Elizabeth, a Contributing Editor for WRITER’S DIGEST magazine, was named June’s Instructor of the Month at WD online!

Elizabeth writes the Lambda Award-winning Lillian Byrd Crime Series, as well as the Rita Farmer Mysteries. Check out her blog, Zestful Writing, or visit

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Writing Prompts: Responding to Abstract Art!

AUTHOR KRIS WALDHERR POSTED A LINK to a wonderfully fresh Ploughshares article titled “Writing with Abstract Art.”  In the article, writer Anca Szilagyi discusses approachesindex to ekphrastic writing, or, writing about art, emphasizing writing to evidently non-narrative abstract art and offering four get-your-motor-running writing prompts that are a sure bet to spark some surprising work!

EKPHRASIS: a Poetry Journal, is “looking for well-crafted poems, the main content of which addresses individual works from any artistic genre.” Further, they explain, “Ekphrastic verse transcends mere description: it stands as a transformative critical statement, an original gloss on the individual art piece it addresses.”

Writing Prompt

Check it out! Give it a go! Might be a market for your mini-masterpiece!

Such Beauty About Writing by Lev Grossman

LEV GROSSMAN’S  LYRICAL ARTICLE, titled “How Not to Write Your First Novel,” is subtitled, “It is Okay Not to be a Genius.” What a relief! Yet, reading about Grossman’s chilly, oddly heart-filled journey through six cold months in Maine, I’m pretty sure I see his genius shining through. Grossman is the author of THE MAGICIANS, THE MAGICIAN KING, and most recently, the final book in his THE MAGICIAN’S TRILOGY, THE MAGICIAN’S LAND.

Gail Shepherd: Middle Grade Author!

MIDDLE GRADE NOVELIST GAIL SHEPHERD has great news! She writes, Jamie, I wanted to let you know I just signed a contract with Penguin Young Readers Group/Kathy Dawson Books, for a two-book deal. Kathy made the offer based on SOUTH BY SOUTHEAST, the book you were so helpful with in workshops. I’m thrilled of course and wanted to thank you! Publication of SBS is set for Winter 2016. Read more at Publishers Weekly Rights Report!

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