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SOME WRITERS LONG FOR A STARRED KIRKUS REVIEW, a Newbery Medal, or an O. Henry Award. Me? I dream of seeing my name on your acknowledgements page. From the moment I facilitated my first writer’s group, I’ve been on a mission: to help other writers reach their goals.

So far, so good!

I’ve worked with hundreds of writers. Among them, more than forty have been agented, produced, or traditionally or independently published—and many more have won literary prizes, contests, fellowships, or been accepted into graduate writing programs.

On the acknowledgements page of her second psychological thriller, RESCUING OLIVIA (published by Macmillan), author Julie Compton says,

Many, many thanks to Jamie Morris. [She’s a] master at getting to the heart of a story. I was fortunate to have Jamie at my side from the very beginning on this one.

And that’s where I’m happiest: at a writer’s side.

In addition to my work with fiction writers and memoirists, I also provide editing services to entrepreneurs. If you’re starting a business or establishing your on-line presence, I can help you develop sharp web copy and pertinent newsletters and blog posts. (And, when you’re ready, I’ll support you as you write that book! You know! The book that establishes your expertise and distinguishes you in your field!)

Jamie Morris

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The Nitty Gritty

I directed Woodstream Writers for eleven years, co-created and co-presented The Next Level Weekend Craft Intensives, with award-winning YA author Joyce Sweeney, and mentored writing consultants at the Rollins College Writing Center

I’m an Amherst Writers & Artists writing workshop leader; a College Reading and Learning Association Master Level Writing Consultant; repeat presenter for the Florida Writers Association; a book writing coach; Rollins College Writing Program graduate; have taught creative writing at Seminole Community College and The Knowledge Shop; and co-wrote the Reading and Interpretation Guide for The Portland Tarot.

And speaking of tarot . . . I’ve been reading the cards since 1978. While some believe tarot’s “answers” come from an external source, I’ve found the cards trigger my own inner knowing. Each tarot deck contains 78 evocative pictures—images that can unlock inner wisdom and, more often than not, open the doors through which innovative, out-of-the-box solutions can enter.
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I am proud to be acknowledged in such good company for Darlyn Finch Kuhn’s debut novel, SEWING HOLES:

Heartfelt thanks to Mary Ann DeStefano, Jamie Morris, and Julie Compton (three beta readers who made this book better through honest feedback).

RIGHT IN SIGHT co-authors Elaine Braman and Margarete Johl:

Much thanks and appreciation to Jamie Morris . . . for her expert guidance.

More Acknowledgements

CREATURES OF THE MOON author/creator Rebecca Schoenecker, included this lovely note in her acknowledgements:

This project soared with the unwavering support of project coach and editor Jamie Morris, who helped make this deck and book the brightest it could be.

Melody Maysonet, YA author of A WORK OF ART (Merit Press) starts her acknowledgements with this:

Huge thank-yous to Joyce Sweeney and Jamie Morris for teaching me about the craft of novel-writing and cheering me on in every stage.

Dr. Sharon Spano, business strategist and author of THE PURSUIT OF TIME AND MONEY, included this in her acknowledgements:

A shout out to Jamie Morris for helping me decipher the structure of this effort.

Peggy Miller, poet and Senior Editor for THE COMSTOCK REVIEW, dedicated her poetry collection STONE BEING, this way:

Thank you, Jamie Morris, for your support in sculpting the first draft of this collection, and [. . . for drawing] so much from me even as I grieved.

Theresa Pridemore, creator of THE PORTLAND TAROT, included this in the Credits and Thanks section of the Reading and Interpretation Guide:

[Thanks to] Jamie, for committing her most excellent talents, sense of humor and professionalism to this project and book (which is amazing because of her).

Janie Bray, author of ENCHANTED COCOON:

Through her kind but insightful critique of my first draft, [Jamie Morris] encouraged me to dig deeper into the stories. . . . I greatly appreciate Jamie sharing her talents with me and encouraging me to go forward.

Julie Compton, in her third novel, KEEP NO SECRETS:

Jamie Morris believed in this one from the beginning and encouraged me to follow my heart instead of the market. I’m so fortunate to have met such an amazing writing mentor.


And this . . .

Hi, Jamie,

Don’t know if you remember me, but I was a student in your Knowledge Shop writing class. I’d had a traumatizing experience that prevented me from writing even a thank you note for over two decades. Attending your class was the most comfortable I’ve felt since my young years. Tapping into the feelings of freedom I experienced in your class, I’m going to attempt to write my book again, picturing myself in your classroom with your kind words to encourage me.

So many times I’ve thought of you and wanted to express my gratitude, so this note is to finally say thank you, thank you for being such a great teacher and giving me that hope. As a mentor, you may have wondered whether you’ve made a difference. Just let me assure you that you do . . . a very great difference.
Colleen Findley

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