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A developmental editor helps writers hone their work-in-progress. For voice, heart, vision, yes!—and for style, organization, and clarity, too. Have a draft of a memoir or novel? Establishing your on-line presence? My feedback can pave the way toward your publishing and solopreneurial goals.    

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A writing coach is a literary fairy godmother. She can charm your plot or transform your writing practice! I've earned my wand helping castles-full of writers abracadabra great ideas into golden sheaves of pages. Whether you're creating book pages or web pages, I can help you, too.

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I'm Jamie

From the moment I facilitated my first writer’s group, I’ve been on a mission: to help other writers make their mark. Now, in addition to my work with fiction writers and memoirists, I also provide editing and writing services to entrepreneurs. Because your success is my success.

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News, Notes & Quotes

  • ST. AUGUSTINIANS? JACKSONVILLIANS? LOOKING FOR A COZY SPACE to host a literary event? Indie bookstore Read (Think) Books is the perfect spot for you! Located in quaint-and-teensy downtown Palatka, Florida, just south of Jax on the St. Johns, R(T)B welcomes writers, writing groups, and book clubs. They’ll even brew up a fresh pot of coffee just for you!

    Co-owner Kristin Pegler says, 10945692_835009916542201_6791089154474471594_nWriters and writing groups are the spirit of a bookstore; we wouldn’t be here without them. Sharing ideas with other writers adds joy to a writer’s life and helps build that vital “networking muscle.” When writers seek out our store to inspire and enrich their writing process, it lets me know we’re doing something right.

    Central Floridians? Seeking the same? Check out the charming new Writer’s Block Bookstore in downtown Winter Park. Owner Lauren Zimmerman hosts oodles of author and other events—and I bet she’ll toss on a pot of brew for you, too.

  • ON SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH, JAMIE AND CREATIVITY COACH LEZLIE  will present an all-day workshop to explore how the 78 evocative images of the Tarot can unlock your creativity!

    While Tarot has a long and arcane history, there’s no need to dive into esoteric research to access its wisdom. tarotInstead, we’ll immerse ourselves in the visual language of the cards, concentrating on what personal meaning Tarot holds for us. With decks (and journals) in hand, we’ll let the magic and the beauty of the Tarot transform our relationship with our own creativity, including,

    • Tarot for self-reflection
    • evoking Higher Wisdom with the cards
    • problem-solving with Tarot

    The cost for this workshop, $185, includes lunch. Register with Lezlie Laws at

  • THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE WRITING PROMPTS. Jot down a time of day, a color, an object, and a season. Set your timer for ten minutes and write one, fast, unbroken sentence. (Hello, FANBOYS!) Let your pen (or keyboard) become a runaway pony. Hang on and enjoy the ride!


    I’m sitting at my desk, at 12:29, and didn’t even notice midnight tick by, but it did, and one a.m. will probably do the same, as I love the quiet in the middle of the night, and, to tell the truth, I’m feeling a little blue, so the clickety-clack of my keyboard, which makes me feel full-moon-with-cloudsproductive, also insulates me from my own morbidity, as if, when I’m typing, there’s less chance for the sadness that leaks in under the baseboards to crawl up my legs, scramble into my lap, and warm itself against the winter chill, which, as this is Florida, is nowise comparable to those winters in Massachusetts, blue twilight at 4 p.m., me treading the icy sidewalk up and over the Mass. Turnpike and onto wide, residential Washington Street, its houses lit warm and yellow and suggestive of hot dinners and families gathered and the evening news, while I trudge past, as if I were the Little Match Girl.

  • HERE’S THE SKINNY ON THE PLOT CLOCK: It’s a four-act “map” of a story, which can describe both the experiences a character is likely to undergo and her likely responses to those experiences. That’s it, in a nutshell. But time and time again, people’s applications of the Plot Clock have surprised and impressed me.

    This was the case with Dr. Mark Winton, Criminal Justice Lecturer at UCF, who wrote, after a recent Plot Clock presentation, Thank you for the fascinating workshop. I was not familiar with the Plot Clock, but it made complete sense when I started thinking about an academic piece I am working on, where I trace the lives of two genocidal perpetrators and what led to their outcomes. It is really a useful model in studying how people become criminals.

    Wow! Right?

    To learn more about Dr. Winton’s work, visit his YouTube channel, Understanding Violence, where he discusses, among other topics, serial murder, sex crimes, and profiling.

  • A VAST, VITAL ANIMAL SWIMS BENEATH THE SURFACE OF OUR DAILY LIVES. Half-remembered childhood dramas and complex events we are unable to fully digest—all this, and more, slips into the great ocean of our unconscious and makes its home there.

    In INNER WORK, Jungian Robert A. Johnson says, We believe ourselves to be in conscious control of our actions, relationships, decisions. But . . . these aspects of our lives are actually determined from a far deeper place. It is in the world of dreaming that their root sources are revealed.

    In the murky waters of dreams, filled with unlikely collisions and overlaps, with things melting johann-heinrich-fssli-der-nachtmahr-59-x-71-ku---002into other things, we attempt to communicate with ourselves. And so do our characters. As writers, a dive into a character’s dream life can yield insights into her unconscious, shine a light on her motivations, and reveal hidden aspects of her history—adding depth to her tale.

    Unlike the Push-Me-Pull-You we engage trying to decipher our own dreams, when we enter our fictional character’s world, we may have the distance we need to crack the code and hear what she is whispering in her own dreaming ear.

  • AT MY RECENT PLOT-CLOCK PRESENTATION2940016374239_p0_v1_s260x420, we discussed how humans seem hard-wired to respond to certain story elements: the hero’s call to adventure; her failures leading to an all-is-lost moment; the changes she must make to face the challenges required of her.

    We talked about mythologist Joseph Campbell’s discovery of an archetypal “hero’s journey” based on myths of many cultures and his book THE HERO WITH A THOUSAND FACES, which reveals the commonalities he found.

    Writer Kathy Elbert mentioned Lisa Cron’s book WIRED FOR STORY, and Cron’s TED Talk. And we affirmed our gratitude to screenwriter Christopher Vogler, who refashioned Campbell’s ideas, in THE WRITER’S JOURNEY, making of them sturdy tools with which we can shape our work for greatest resonance with that story-instinct that seems embedded in our DNA.

    And, too, we remembered Dorothy, who was compelled, as so many heroes are, to find—against steep odds—her own way home.

  • WAS IT A DARK AND STORMY NIGHT? OR WAS IT A CRISP, CLEAR WINTER’S DAY? Does the weather in your story suggest an atmosphere of hope? Or one of dread? dark-clouds-sky-nightExperiment! Set a scene in broad, benevolent sunlight. Then let clouds gather overhead. Or make a list of weather conditions that could influence a story:

    Impenetrable snow storm. Black ice. Gale-force winds. Downpour.

    For example, once, obsessed by a boy a full foot-and-a-half taller than me, I called a Yellow Cab at the height of, yup, a swirling, impenetrable, eastern Massachusetts snow storm to carry me from Newton to Cambridge where he lived—as if in a fairy tale—with three disapproving roommates.

    Then . . . the halting drive through sulfur-lamp pink-lit streets; the hushed breath as the cab starts its spin; the silence, snow still tumbling, after the crash.

    Weather is a gift to a writer. How can you use it?

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Jamie Morris is an outstanding resource for writers who want to reach the pinnacle of success. She’s a warm, encouraging angel on your shoulder, but she’s also got the skills, experience, and good judgment to help you vanquish your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths. If you’re a writer with serious ambitions, work with Jamie. Elizabeth SimsYOU'VE GOT A BOOK IN YOU: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams (Writers Digest)

Jamie, I owe you ten bucks, but I really owe you so much more! You’ve pushed me to uncover truth in my writing. I've learned so much about writing, so much about myself. Thanks for the opportunity. I look forward to more. —Liz Rash, memoirist

Working with Jamie Morris is a writer’s wet dream. She is incredibly professional, with a strict adherence to deadlines—and she’s got a keen eye and is full of tremendous big-picture insight and ideas. She sees the opportunities in brainstorming and works in a direction that truly meets project goals. At the end of it all, you’ll feel all warm and fuzzy after getting your authentic voice and vision in the world. Did I mention she is tons of fun, too? She brings her personality and spirit to the work, and infuses the process with joy. If you want to take your work to the next level, then call Jamie immediately. And it will be our little secret if you feel all flush with the warm glow of big dreams realized, afterward. Because, you know, you will. —Theresa Pridemore, Director, Cogflower Creative; creator, THE PORTLAND TAROT

Jamie: I am so freaking in love with you, this process, and my book! People dread asking me how I am because I tell them in nauseating detail how much I love my book and my writing coach and what we are up to! I feel like I won the lottery! Cara Gubbins, PhD, THE DOLPHINS OF HILTON HEAD (University of South Carolina Press); EVERYDAY WOMEN CREATING EXTRAORDINARY LIVES (JADA Press)

Get your happy dance on, Jamie! I got an agent!!! I'm so excited. Get ready to grace my acknowledgement page!!! You were so integral in helping me with my character arcs in FORETOLD—and with the underlying theme! Remember when we met in downtown Mount Dora? That session was so good. Our ideas totally merged, and magic happened! —Melissa Abrehamsen, FORETOLD (represented by Siobhan McBride of Serendipity Literary Agency)

Running a soul-centered business doesn’t come easy. Unless you have Jamie Morris at your side. Her business coaching is soul-to-soul. She offers resources and stories to help navigate one’s journey. Jamie’s enthusiasm and spot-on intuition enhance her talents as a writer and editor. She’s a natural cheerleader of bloggers and businesses, and a magician who performs stellar work on any written endeavor. Tabitha Dial, MFA, author, poet; Tarot and Tea Leaf Readings by Tabitha
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